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The Additional tab of the Component Palette contains more, often-used components

Component Palette Additional.png

Icon Component Description
tbitbtn.png TBitBtn a button with an optional image
tspeedbutton.png TSpeedBtn a (small) image-button for use on TToolBars etc.
tstatictext.png TStaticText a (selectable) text, much like TLabel
timage.png TImage an image (gif, jpg, bmp, png)
tshape.png TShape triangle/rectange/round shape
tbevel.png TBevel a border that suggests depth
tpaintbox.png TPaintBox a drawing area with a TCanvas
tnotebook.png TNotebook a container to hold pages, much like a real-world notebook
tlabelededit.png TLabeledEdit a TEdit / TLabel combination
tsplitter.png TSplitter resizing tool
ttrayicon.png TTrayIcon system tray icon
tcontrolbar.png TControlBar manager of toolbar-components on a form
tflowpanel.png TFlowPanel a panel that may 'flow' within its parent area
tmaskedit.png TMaskEdit a TEdit with content constraints
tchecklistbox.png TCheckListBox a combination of TCheckBoxes and a TListBox
tscrollbox.png TScrollBox a scrollable container
tapplicationproperties.png TApplicationProperties a non-visible application property supplier
tstringgrid.png TStringGrid a 2-dimensional grid that may contain strings
tdrawgrid.png TDrawGrid a 2-dimensional grid that may contain images
tpairsplitter.png TPairSplitter a component to split two areas
tcolorbox.png TColorBox a box to select colors
tcolorlistbox.png TColorListBox a TListBox to choose colors
tvaluelisteditor.png TValueListEditor a list of propertynames with editable values

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