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A data type is a classification of a variable or constant. There are certain data types that are predefined by any Pascal compiler (because you need them to make everything else). These are:

  • byte - an unsigned number in the range 0 to 255.
  • char - Single character.
  • integer - a whole number. FPC currently uses 4 bytes for integers.
  • real - a number which may have a decimal point and possibly an exponent.
  • cardinal - an unsigned whole number,ie it must be positive.
  • set - a collection of related elements; size depends on number of elements.
  • pointer - a reference to a location in memory, generally used for dynamic variables.
  • record - a combination of the above data types collected together.
  • class
  • object - a hybrid entity that may contain data and procedures to manipulate that data.

Other data types are generally made with some combination of the above. FPC adds additional data types.

Data Types
Simple Data Types Boolean | Byte | Cardinal | Char | Currency | Extended | Int64 | Integer | Longint | Pointer | Real | Shortint | Smallint | Word
Complex Data Types Array | Class | Record | Set | String | ShortString