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The Dialogs tab of the Component Palette contains all dialog-components.

Component Palette Dialogs.png

Icon Component Description
topendialog.png TOpenDialog Open file dialog
tsavedialog.png TSaveDialog Save file dialog
tselectdirectorydialog.png TSelectDirectoryDialog Select directory dialog
tcolordialog.png TColorDialog Select color dialog
tfontdialog.png TFontDialog Select font dialog
tfinddialog.png TFindDialog Find text dialog
treplacedialog.png TReplaceDialog Replace text dialog
topenpicturedialog.png TOpenPictureDialog Open picture dialog
tsavepicturedialog.png TSavePictureDialog Save picture dialog
tcalendardialog.png TCalendarDialog Select date dialog
tcalculatordialog.png TCalculatorDialog Calculator dialog
tprintersetupdialog.png TPrinterSetupDialog Printer setup dialog
tprintdialog.png TPrintDialog Print dialog (select printer, pages etc).
tpagesetupdialog.png TPageSetupDialog Page setup dialog
ttaskdialogicon.png TTaskDialog

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