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This is Lazarus por of TurboPower FlashFiler Database.
I used the version tpflashfiler_2_13 from SourceForge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/tpflashfiler/).
Detailed help and documentation files are located there.
More port infos are in sourcelaz\LazConvertReadMe.txt
Use this thread [1] in Lazarus forum for questions.


  1. Download from Lazarus-CCR [2] or as zip-file from one-drive [3].
  2. Use package file lazff2.lpk from folder packages.


1. Start bin\ffserver.exe
2. Make 2 db-aliases in ffserver [ffserver-Menu > Config > Aliases ...]

Alias:		Path:
mythicdb 	yourfolder\flashfiler\examples\mythicdb
Tutorial	yourfolder\flashfiler\examples

3. Open FlashFiler Server General Configuration Dialog
[ffserver-Menu > Config > General ...] 4. In configuration dialog Enter for Server name:

then Click Ok.

5. Now the server "local" appears in Servers listview. Click on it and start it.
6. Now open any example from examples-folder and compile, run and enjoy it.
Attention: EmbeddedServer-Examples don't work!



Example programs:

State of the Lazarus port

10.12.2016: Client components are Working. Server-Engine component (TffServerEngine) has error so you need server binaries compiled with delphi. Tested with Windows 7, Lazarus 1.6.3, fpc 3.0.

11.03.2017: Now the server components are working. I must test and change somethings and upload it to lazarus-ccr.


[11.03.2017 Done] 1. Solve server-engine component (TffServerEngine) error. The error is located in fflldict.pas-file in _procedure_TffDataDictionary.ReadFromStream(S : TStream); It is stream reading error with caused by functions ReadString and ReadInteger. I could not solve it, maybe someone with better skills can do it.


Same as TurboPower FlashFiler (MPL 1.1.)


Turbo Power
Lazarus Port Soner a.

Current Version

tpflashfiler_2_13-20161210 [4] (The new version with working server component is still not uploaded. This and the version from CCR is old alpha version).