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LazProfiler is an IDE addon which adds a One-Click-Profiler to Lazarus.




System Requirements / Dependencies

  • FPC trunk (needs generics and additional PascalParser funktionality)
  • Lazarus trunk (revision 56254 and above)


Download from here and install manually.
It depends on LCLExtension, EpikTimer and VirtualTreeView.

Support page,38983.0.html

Using LazProfiler

Start profiling

  • Open your project (if not done already)
  • Choose Profile from Run menu:
  • Use your program
  • Close your program
  • study LazProfiler output:

Show output

  • Choose Profiler from View menu:

Cleanup profiler

In case the instrumenting of the sources produce not compileable code you can reset the profiler and tidy things up by choosing
Cleanup Profiler from Run menu:

Influencing profiling

Hints in source code

By default the profiling automatically starts. If you just want to profile some parts of your code you can surround it by two comments:

// start-profiler
// stop-profiler

Disable instrumenting

If you want to exclude procedures/functions from beeing instrumented,
just uncheck the checkbox in front of the procedure/function name
in the profiler output window.

How does it work

When profiling is started the following steps are done:

  • project is build to test if project is okay
  • all sources in the projects unit and include directories are backuped (except units below fpc and lazarus source directories)
  • procedures and funtions in units are instrumented with special profiling code
  • project is build with instrumented code
  • instumented sources are deleted and backups are restored
  • program is run with no debugger
  • profiling result is shown when program ends

Known issues

  • Profiling does not stop counting at ShowModal, ShowMessage, ...

Version History

    • Initial release
    • leaving sources instrumented if compile after instrumenting fails
    • checking if backup was successfully created before writing instrumented code to original file