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Lazarus 1.10.0 is not yet released. This page is under construction!


  1. commits: xxx
  2. log: svn log -r xxxx:xxxx
  3. resolved bug tracker issues: xxx

LCL Interfaces Changes

LCL Changes

  • Added flags to exclude some graphics format to create smaller applications:
    • -dDisableLCLGIF
    • -dDisableLCLJPEG
    • -dDisableLCLPNM
    • -dDisableLCLTIFF
  • TImageList can now store multiple resolutions for the same image
    • every LCL control that supports ImageList has now a new [Images]Width property to decide what custom width at 96 PPI (100% scale) is to be used. Example: TToolBar.Images/ImageWidth, TListView.LargeImages/LargeImagesWidth
    • set the TCustomImageList.Scaled=True property to let the image list automatically pick up the right resolution for your control.

IDE Changes

  • Delphi Attributes: Find declaration, parameter hints, $modeswitch prefixedattributes.

IDE Interfaces Changes



  • New property Options of type set, currently with ocoMacRetinaMode as the only member. If set, ocoMacRetinaMode determines that the OpenGL controls will use retina support (high resolution mode).


  • The new TExpressionSeries and TExpressionColorMapSeries plot mathematical functions at design-time.
  • TLineSeries has a new property "ColorEach" which can be used to color the line segments individually.

Changes affecting compatibility


LCL incompatibilities

TCustomComboBox.ReadOnly was deprecated

  • Old behavior: When True, only items from the list are accepted, by direct selection from the list or AutoComplete.
  • New behavior: it does nothing and will be removed.
  • Reason: Delphi-compatibility, confusing naming, WS compatibility (different behavior on Win32/Qt/Gtk)
  • Remedy: Use extended styles for the same feature.

Predefined clipboard format pcfDelphiBitmap was removed

  • Old behavior: The enumeration TPredefineClipboardFormat contained an element pcfDelphiBitmap which once had to be introduced due to streaming differences of bitmaps between Delphi and LCL.
  • New behavior: pcfDelphiBitmap has been removed. (Rare) code relying on exact count and position of the elements of this enumeration will fail.
  • Reason: No longer needed and causing trouble in clipboard access.
  • Remedy: None - revisit your code.

TEdit.Action visibility lowered to public

  • Old behavior: TEdit.Action was published
  • New behavior: TEdit.Action is now public
  • Reason: Delphi compatibility
  • Remedy: remove from .lfm manually

TControl.ScaleFontsPPI, .DoScaleFontPPI parameter change

  • Old behavior: No AToPPI parameter
  • New behavior: AToPPI parameter was added
  • Reason: font scaling problem Issue #32882. This change will be merged to 1.8.1
  • Remedy: fix parameters

MouseEntered deprecated/missing

  • Old behavior: No warning on using MouseEntered
  • New behavior: Warning: Symbol "MouseEntered" is deprecated: "use MouseInClient instead"
  • Reason: Delphi compatibility
  • Remedy: use property MouseInClient instead

TCustomImageList.Add method

  • Old behavior: the image got sliced if too big or extended if too small.
  • New behavior: the image is scaled to all resolutions in the image list.
  • Reason: Image List now supports multiple resolutions.
  • Remedy: use AddSliced (if the image consists of several icons to be added) or AddSlice (if one image from a custom rect has to be added - also rect outside the image is supported).

Components incompatibilities

LazControls: TSpinEditEx no longer inherits from TCustomFloatSpinEditEx

  • Old behavior: TSpinEditEx inherited from TFloatSpinEditEx.
  • New behavior: Both TSpinEditEx and TFloatSpinEditEx now inherit from a common (generic) base class: TSpinEditExBase. As a result testing for "is TCustomFloatSpinEdit" now returns False.
  • Reason: support for Int64 values in TSpinEdit (Double does not have enough precision to cover the Int64 range). Also makes for cleaner code.
  • Remedy: test for the appropriate (base) class instead.

TAChart: Reticule-related properties deprecated

  • Old behavior: The reticule could be used to display a crosshair cursor in the chart.
  • New behavior: The reticule will be removed because the crosshair cursor is included in the more versatile charttools.
  • Reason: Remove duplicate features.
  • Remedy: Attach a TChartToolset to the chart, add a DatapointCrosshairTool to the toolset and adjust its properties.

TAChart events On[After|Before]Draw[Background|BackwallWall] deprecated

  • Old behavior: These events could be used for custom-painting of the chart background or the chart data rectangle background.
  • New behavior: These events will be removed.
  • Reason: The events have a parameter Canvas to paint on. TAChart, however, supports additional drawing backends which do not have a canvas.
  • Remedy: Use the new events On[After|Before]CustomDraw[Background|Backwall] which get the currenty used drawer as a parameter. For drawing use the corresponding drawer methods.

IDE incompatibilities

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