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  • RxLib for Lazarus is a set of components that support building of flexible and robust user interfaces. It contains some of the components of the well known RxLib for Delphi.


  • idebar rx controls.png

  • idebar rx dbaware.png

  • idebar rx tools.png


The package can be downloaded from the Lazarus CCR SourceForge site.


The component is available on Lazarus CCR's svn repository:

 svn co https://lazarus-ccr.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/lazarus-ccr/components/rx

Dependencies / System Requirements

Tested on Linux. Changes to be made:

  • Canvas.BrushCopy is used. You should replace this with a call to Canvas.CopyRect.
  • Add Types to the uses in rxdbgrid.pas and rxtoolbar.pas

An updated version will be posted as soon as possible.


  • Place sources in a subdirectory of <$LazarusDir>/components.
  • In Components -> Open Package File, open rxnew.lpk.
  • Compile the component to verify that everything is ok.
  • Install and let Lazarus rebuild.


If someone knows how the authors can be contacted, please tell us. My russian is not too good.