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The Standard tab on the Component Palette lists elementary components for use on a form.

Component Palette Standard.png

Icon Component Description
tmainmenu.png TMainMenu a menu on top of the form
tpopupmenu.png TPopupMenu arranges a menu that may popup on predefined events
tbutton.png TButton displays a (text) button
tlabel.png TLabel displays a label
tedit.png TEdit (text) edit field
tmemo.png TMemo an area where multiline scrollable text can be displayed/edited
ttogglebox.png TToggleBox a two state labeled button that is enabled or disabled with a single click.
tcheckbox.png TCheckBox an active checkbox field
tradiobutton.png TRadioButton a radio-button field to be used in conjunction with other TRadioButtons
tlistbox.png TListBox shows a list of strings where user can make a selection from
tcombobox.png TComboBox a combination of an edit field with a connected drop down list to choose from.
tscrollbar.png TScrollBar allows the user to scroll the content of an associated control by moving an slider.
tgroupbox.png TGroupBox a container that allows a number of objects to be grouped physically and conceptually on a form
tradiogroup.png TRadioGroup a group of related but mutually exclusive TRadioButtons, requiring the user to select one of a set of alternatives. It's like a TGroupBox with integrated TRadioButtons
tcheckgroup.png TCheckGroup a group of TCheckBox items physically and logically grouped together on a container component.
tpanel.png TPanel a visible container for other components
tframe.png TFrame a container for components that can be embedded into forms or other frames
tactionlist.png TActionList a list of TActions to centralize menu/mouse/keyboard handling

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