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Note: Paradox uses the BDE (Borland Database Engine) that is unmaintained and unsupported since around 2000.

TParadoxDataSet is a TDataSet that can read (but not write!) Paradox Files up to Version 7.

Its main characteristics are :

  • Data aware implementation
  • All Table Levels up to Version 7



The latest stable release can be found on

Bug reporting / Feature Request

Please report bugs to the Lazarus Bugtracker in Category Packages


You can get the latest source via SVN:

svn checkout

Change Log

  • 31 January 2007 Release

Status: Beta


  • unzip the files from the zip file to lazarus\components\
  • Open Lazarus
  • Open the package .lpk with Component/Open package file (.lpk)
  • (Click on Compile is only necessary, if you don't want to install the component into the IDE)
  • Click on Install

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