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To Cjaster

Why do you use inttostr(IOResult) in

Writeln('ERROR! IORESULT: '+inttostr(IOResult));

Don't you get the same with the simpler

Writeln('ERROR! IORESULT: ', IOResult);

which has the additional advantage that you do not need "Uses Sysutils;"

I made an according change to the page and you simply reverted it without any comment or even reason. I appreciate the work you are putting to the wiki, but reverting without a comment hurts.

Could you please set up your user page. It would make feedback and discussion easier.



which version of Pascal ?

What version of PASCAL is this code for ? I Use Borland TP7 and I get compilation errors. For eg. 'Sysutils' is not recognised, C style comments with // are treated as syntax errors, etc

I guess it's for ObjFpc or Delphi mode (no idea about macpas etc). Bart 2015-09-21 19:14 CET
It's for as what this wiki is for: Free Pascal. If you're talking about BP 7, you're late by 20+ years of modern Pascal development. --Leledumbo 11:23, 22 September 2015 (CEST)