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Self-hosted Development Environments

For Android

PascalGUI is the only self-hosted Pascal compiler on Android. has a simple PascalGUI program near the bottom of the page.

Search youtube for PascalGUI and snake, 27:07 video has source code available.

Quick manual:

You can export result of compilation (APK or binary), long-click compile button for that.

Long click save button to "save as", long click run to run with arguments, long click open for recent files menu.

For the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

Instructions to easily install console Debian and compile a program to monitor temperature and power and email and text the results (hopefully hardware kit will be available soon):

(Not yet self-hosted) For all Raspberry Pi models: Ultibo core and forum:

ToDo items:

  1. Do first two tutorials here (after getting temperature sensor device):
  2. Run text mode IDE (uses Free Vision).
    GUI is not needed for an embedded device, so keep things more simple by avoiding it.
  3. Add GUI and use ideU
  4. Install and use Lazarus

For general reference: - info on other languages besides Pascal (C, Python, Forth, Java) and kits available