Detailed 2.0.0 Todo

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  • fix bugs (all)
    • test suite
    • web bugs
    • investigate WinXP SP 2/P4 compiler crash
  • fix powerpc-linux building (gtk2 smartlinking probs with long cmdline)
  • fix powerpc/morphos syscalls (already works, except for some graphic glitches on the user output screen, and no gdb support)
  • ppc386 man page must become ppcppc for PowerPC, ppcsparc for Sparc etc
  • fpc man page is not updated with latest options and misses options for non-i386
  • IDE
    • fix ide powerpc/linux (Florian/Jonas/Marco)
    • fix ide powerpc/macosx (Jonas/Olle)
    • IDE help files (Michael)
    • fix (random) "empty" buttons (FVision) - reported on all of Win32, Go32v2 and OS/2
  • Go32v2
    • fix DiskSize/DiskFree for large drives (> 2GB) for GO32v2 running under WinXX (Tomas)
    • fix GO32v2 mouse cursor (FVision)
    • fix Go32v2 SIGFPE problems
    • fix debugging in go32v2 ide
  • test packages
  • fix language files
  • Review docs according to mac specific things (Olle)
  • Resolve CONST param issue (Olle/Jonas)
  • Ensure Common Interfaces (Mac OS (X)) works with FPC (Olle)
  • Ensure Lazarus works on Mac OS X (Olle)