Detailed 2.0.4 Todo

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  • Go32v2 specific issues
    • fix debugging in go32v2 ide (does it work now???)
    • fix GO32v2 mouse cursor (FVision - does it work now???)
    • fix DiskSize/DiskFree for large drives (> 2GB) for GO32v2 running under WinXX (Tomas)
  • Linux/PPC32 target
    • fix/remove usage of dcbz in rtl/powerp/ so the Linux/ppc32 version no longer crashes on G5's running linux.
    • the IDE crashes at startup with an "Internal SIGSEGV caught" message
  • OS/2 target RTL todos
    • Isolate and fix the mysterious SIGSEGV during build (Tomas)
    • 64-bit file functions under new OS/2 versions (Tomas)
    • EA functions - GetLongName/GetShortName, SetDefaultOS2FileType/SetDefaultOS2Creator (Tomas)
    • port access without EMX (Tomas/Yuri)
    • exception handler (Tomas)
    • OS/2 API functions for widestring support - charset conversion (Tomas)
    • finish threading (Tomas)
  • fix EMX target (Tomas)
  • Review docs according to mac specific things (Olle)
  • IDE
    • fix ide powerpc/macosx (Jonas/Olle) ?