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This page lists applications and projects using FreePascal. Each entry should contain a short description, a link to the home page and a screenshot if applicable.

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3D Image Commander

3D Image Commander

3D Image Commander Home Page allows designers to add a variety of fully customized 3d effects to their photos and images. This can all be done in real time as well. The software is easy to use and includes only the features you need. This program builds using FPC, Lazarus and DXScene library


Checkmol is a command-line utility program that reads molecular structure files in different formats and analyzes the input molecule for the presence of various functional groups and structural elements. At present, approximately 200 different functional groups are recognized.

Matchmol complements the capabilities of checkmol. It compares two (or more) molecular structures and determines whether one of them is a substructure of the other one.

GPL licensed.




DMines Home Page on Sourceforge is an edition of the classic game Minesweeper with a dynamic twist, unrevealed mines can change location every set number of seconds.



eMyCar-Monitor eMyCar-Monitor is comprehensive car care & fleet information management software for Windows. You can follow and track all information about your vehicle with this free vehicle tracker software.



Eschecs is an application to play chess against different artificial opponents. Eschecs uses the fpGUI Toolkit, and the uos and BGRABitmap libraries.


fpctwit is a Twitter, plurk and OAuthv1 library with example programs (console and GUI).

The Twitter library uses the Synapse network units for easy communication. but can easily be adapted for other network layers. It supports OAuthv1 secure authetnication and SSL/TLS encryption.

For old FPC versions, the library uses modified fpJSON units to allow getting UTF8 data out of the JSON data with Tweets returned from Twitter. In newer FPC versions, the regular FPC units are used as UTF8 support was added support. Functionality includes:

  • getting tweets using the Search API
  • tweeting
  • getting username info
  • authenticating using PIN/OOB or preset credentials (consumerkey+secret,authtoken+secret).

It also demonstrates the Streaming API - see the console mode demo, fpctwit - to process and show Tweets and deletion messages in real time.

There is a plurk console demo that demonstrates the functionality in the plurk library.

The plurk and Twitter libraries use the included OAuth1 unit that provides OAuth1 authentication. This authentication mechanism is also used for other service providers.

The Lazarus demo application, imaginatively named fpctwitGUI, is shown in the Lazarus Application Gallery at fpctwitGUI



GLwaves Home Page on Sourceforge is an educative program to visualize electromagnetic waves in order to make it easier for students to understand them. GLwaves has simulations for wave functions and polarisations.

Hedge Wars

HedgeWars Scene

Hedgewars Home Page is a worms-like game with very nice graphics and good AI. The game features typical worms gameplay including net play. The game itself is written in FPC while the config application is C++/Qt.

Lentil Wars

Lentil Wars Scene

Lentil Wars Home Page on Sourceforge is an arcade action game for Linux and Windows that is still under development. Players combat each other in multiple nicely designed levels. Lentil Wars can be played both on a single computer as well as over a network.

Light Pascal ToolKit

Light Pascal ToolKit Screen

The Light Pascal Toolkit Page on Sourceforge is a widget library like GTK or QT that allows programmers to build cool looking GUI applications without the overhead and dependency hell of those libraries. The library is available for both Windows and Linux.


Pixel Screen

Pixel Home Page is an RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching, graphics manipulating and animation program available for Windows, Linux, Linspire, macOS, BeOS, Zeta, QNX, MorphOS, FreeBSD, eComStation, OS/2, SkyOS and even plain old DOS, for both x86 and PowerPC architectures. It is often called a Photoshop alternative.


TestDBWriter regression screen

testdbwriter lets you write FPCUnit tests out to a database and compare results (e.g. run a query checking for regressions, and when they occurred).

Includes a unit that lets you write dbtestframework tests directly to your database.



ToastEngine Home Page is a universal Game Engine with a script-based interface where anyone can write his own add-ons.

Tux Commander

Tux Commander Screen

Tux Commander Home Page on Sourceforge is a windowed file manager with 2 panels side by side similar to the popular Total Commander or Midnight Commander file managers. The main goal to create a powerful and user friendly file manager for Unix operating systems.

UltraStar Deluxe

UltraStar Deluxe Main Page

UltraStar Deluxe Home Page on Sourceforge is a free and open source karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of the singing. It is currently available for Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD.


view3dscene screen

view3dscene (Home Page) is an open-source browser for VRML and X3D and a viewer for other 3D models (Collada, 3DS, many others). It supports many navigation methods (Examine, Fly, Walk with gravity), collision detection, and many graphic features (shadows, mirrors, shaders, sound etc.). It is based on Castle Game Engine, an open-source 3D game engine for FPC/Lazarus. It's cross-platform, working on Windows, Linux, macOS and everywhere else where FPC and OpenGL are available.


(ValisoaChess on sourceforge) ValisoaChess is a chess game written in Freepascal. The main goal is to create a simple yet powerful chess engine...