Howto Use TSaveDialog

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Simple guideline:

  1. Place the SaveDialog widget tsavedialog.png on your form (anyplace, since it will be not visible).
    Component Palette Dialogs.png
    (It is the second left dialog under Dialogs tab)
  2. Add a memo tmemo.png in the form.
  3. Add a button tbutton.png in the form.

The Object Inspector will display the properties of the object Button1. Change a property named 'Caption', with the displayed value 'Button1' to 'Save'. Click on the Events tab on the Object Inspector. Select the box to the right of OnClick: a smaller box with three dots (... ellipsis) appears. Click on this, you are taken automatically into the Source Editor and your cursor will be placed in a piece of code starting. Completion code:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click( Sender: TObject );
   if SaveDialog1.Execute then
    Memo1.Lines.SaveToFile( SaveDialog1.Filename );

The Execute method displays the file save dialog. It returns true when user has selected a file, false when user has aborted.

The Filename property returns the full filename including drive and path.


Note: This control only collects the filename. It does not actually open the file for writing. Your code must do that.

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