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This page contains screenshots and links to screenshots of applications made with Lazarus.

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3D Image Commander

3D Image Commander allows designers to add a variety of fully customized 3d effects to their photos and images. This can all be done in real time as well. The software is easy to use and includes only the features you need. This program is built using FPC, Lazarus and DXScene library.

3D Image Commander

Advanced Password Generator

Advanced Password Generator is a lightweight password generator tool to protect your security with randomly generated password. It runs on Windows and Linux. No installation required. This tool has GUI and command line version. Command line version is ideal for scripting.


Albireo Astronomy Toolbox

Albireo - is a Windows application for amateur astronomers to prepare the next starry trip. Includes: Astronomical data tables, advanced stellar map, solar system view, telescope calculator and telescope adjustment support. English and German language support. Freeware / Donationware.

Screenshot-Albireo 097-EN.jpg


Ancestromania GPL is a complete free genealogy software, on Linux and Windows. It is user-friendly. You can import and export to Gedcom. You can export to Geneanet and to a web site. There is a great graphical tree, with fast classic trees. There are a lot of following documents.

Ancestroweb creates a static genealogy's web site. It is french, but can be translated easily.

Ancestromania.jpg2012-04 Ancestroweb.jpg2012-05 Ancestroweb carte.jpg

ApplePi-Baker v2

ApplePi-Baker is a free macOS application (64-bit and signed) to create backups and do restores of disk drives. Restore can even be done to multiple disks at once.

The application utilizes libarchive to support a wide range of archive and compression formats (7Zip, BZip, dd, GZip, IMG, ISO, Jar, LZip, Rar, Tar, Tar BZip2, Tar GZip, Tar LZip, Tar XZ, XZ and Zip).

Further more, ApplePi-Baker fully relies on Apple DiskArbitration API calls and callbacks, is build comfort Apple’s Elevating Privileges Safely and utilizes the so called SMJobBless - Privileged Helper Tool.

Additional extensive disk information can be viewed, and extra disk functions is included. For Raspberry Pi users, the option to enable SSH and create NOOBS disk are included as well. Dark Theme, Bouncing Dock icon, notifications and progress indication in the dock are supported as well.


Audio X

Audio X is a freeware music library that doesn't use a database - all information is stored and managed in the media directly. It manages, plays, ripps, burns and stores audio data and information about real media like cd´s or vinyl. It is currently available for Windows and will soon be available for Linux.



AWGG is a cross platform and multilanguage download manager that uses the most popular downloads engines (text based) like wget, aria2, cURL and axel, AWGG is most that an frontend, is multiprocess, portable and simple, includes a programer, multiple queues, clipboard monitor, site grabber and can be integrated to Firefox with FlashGot plugin and Chrome with Simple Get plugin.

Pantallazo-AWGG 0.3.0 ALPHA BUILD 2002.png Pantallazo-Configuracion.png Pantallazo-Nueva descarga.png Pantallazo-Nuevo grabador de sitio.png


BIFFExplorer shows the internal structure of Excel .xls (BIFF) files. It analyses field values and provides explanation, can show data in hex and decimal etc. See folder "applications/biffexplorer" in ccr (



BioTray by FIENS puts your biorhythm in the traybar. Biorhythm means rhythm of life. Our live is directed by emotional, intellectual and physical rhythms which begin at our birth. You will see 4 new icons on your traybar. They are: the emotional, the intellectual, the physical and the intuitive icon. The more the icon is filled, the stronger is your power. On Windows, Linux and macOS.

In traybar:



Bilancio Facile

Bilancio Facile is a simple application to manage the family budget.

Developed by Jonathan.

Screen shot

Boblight Config Maker

Boblight Config Maker is an application to create config files for the Open Source variant for AmibLight, called Boblight.

Boblight runs on a XBMC box that is connected to an Arduino over USB to control LEDs behind your TV.

This application allows you to configure the number of LEDs and the positions of the LEDs behind your TV for the Ambilight effect. It's freely available for macOS, Windows and Linux and can be downloaded at Tweaking4All where you'll also find the "manual".

boblight config maker windows.jpg

Cactus Jukebox

Cactus Jukebox is an audio player and music organizer. It sorts your music in a database so you can browse your collection by artist, album and titles. A CD ripping function allows to easily import CDs into the database. It is also possible to mark parts of your database to get synchronized with a USB audio player device.

db large.jpg

Minimzed to simple player

player large.jpg

Calendar Desk

Calendar Desk Home Page is a lightweight application that comes as an alternative to the integrated calendar offered by the operating system. Convenient calendar called with one click from the tray area.

Convenient view of scheduled tasks on the calendar grid.

Detailed view of planned tasks.

Customizable interface with skins.

Support of multi-language interface.

Minimum computer resource requirements.

Integration with Google Calendar.

All scheduled tasks that you create on Google Calendar will be displayed on Calendar Desk.


CheckBook Tracker

CheckBook Tracker Home Page is a financial managemant package. It can do scheduled payments and do balanced forecasts and many other features. It supports QIF and OBB data and can import from CBB for the X-window system.

Note: it hasn't been updated for a long time and will need changes to be compilable with newer Lazarus releases (October 2014).

CheckBook Tracker ForeCast Page:



CheckRide is an open source remote control tool. It lets you take over the screen and keyboard of a remote computer. The helped person only needs to run the program, no firewall/router changes necessary. The helper does need to forward a port in her router.

CheckRide program for helped party:


CheckRideHelper program for helper:


Customizing CheckRide for helped party: CheckRideHelper allows you to hardcode host/port and helper name in a CheckRide.exe file. Result: you only need to distribute your custom CheckRide.exe to a helper; no need for config files and command line switches. Point and click...

CheckRide client customizer screen

Taking over a Windows PC from a Linux desktop: The Linux side uses stunnel and a vncviewer application, as there is no port for CheckRideHelper yet.

Windows client connecting to Linux host using CheckRide

Code SMS Gateway control center

SMSgcc is a desktop application to control Code SMS system for short messages, it is used to send and receive messages, to configure SMPP connection and to monitor the system.


ConnectMeNow macOS)

ConnectMeNow (version 3) is a free, small menu bar application for macOS which allows you to define server shares and quickly connect (mount) to them from a drop down menu. It support SMB, AFP, NFS, SSHFS, FTP and SSH connections (incl. a tool to generate and install keys). ConnectMeNow has been updated to support the latest macOS versions (64 bit, signed, notarized, etc).

ConnectMeNow resides in the menu bar and supports the regular theme and the so called "Dark" theme of macOS.

connectmenow menubar.png

Example menu of ConnectMeNow with some defined shares ...



CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database. Provides radio and rotor control based on hamlib libraries (currently support of 140+ radio types and models), DX cluster connection, HamQTH/QRZ callbook, a grayliner, online log upload (HamQTH, ClubLog, HRDLog), a most accurate country resolution algorithm based on country tables developed by OK1RR, LoTW/eQSL, membership tracking, bandmap and much more. CQRLOG is strongly focused on easy operation and maintenance.



CudaText is a cross-platform code editor, it has syntax highlighters for lot of languages (200+ syntaxes). It has JSON config files like Sublime Text editor. Supports Python plugins.



DA-FormMaker is an application to quickly create HTML forms.

da formmaker.png


Debio-Sql is a new Firebird Sql Management Tool.

Download Debio-Sql

Debio-Sql Object Browser Debio-Sql syntax highlighter Customization Debio-Sql Create Alter Table Debio-Sql Copy Table Wizard


dexed, formerly known as Coedit, is a small, open-source, cross-platform IDE for the D language. It features:

  • full featured project format and advanced project editor.
  • compile and run directly from the UI.
  • instant run (without saving, script-like).
  • synchronized edition in a block.
  • D2 syntax highlighter, folding, identifier markup.
  • module symbol list.
  • static libraries manager.
  • search and replace.
  • user-defined tools powered by a string interpolation system.
  • D Completion Daemon integration for completion proposal and source code hints.
  • mini file browser.




Diacrit is a utility to help with access to Unicode characters, choose the language you want. click the character button and paste into your application. Diacrit was first written in Turbo Pascal for Windows back in 1996, migrated to Delphi, and now upgraded to FP/Lazarus.

french.png armenianlc.png

Diet Planner for macOS

Diet Planner is an application made to help the dietologist to write, store and retrieve the diet plans for her patients. The Applications allow the user to consult, manage and modify a complete database of foods, each one characterized by its macronutrients (proteins, carbohidrates, fat, fibres), micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) and glycemic index. The user may create, change, load and print diet plans, obtaining reports enriched with diagrams and charts that depict the macro nutrients of the diet.


DJPDV - Software for cashier

DJPDV is an application to use in sales cashiers, that was developed to cater all commercial establishments that seeking a practical solution, reliable and that, above all, is on accordance with all legal specifications.

It's a robust software that have innovative technological features that will streamline the sales process, significantly. Overall, the system is completely intuitive and objective, and easy to understand for users.

Official website:

djpdv-img1.png djpdv-img2.jpg djpdv-img3.jpg djpdv-img4.jpg djpdv-img5.jpg djpdv-img6.png


dmMediaConverter is a crossplatform FFmpeg frontend (GUI) exposing some of its features. It is intended to be simple and easy to use but also to be able to achieve complex tasks. I have inspired myself from a lot of media converters like Handbrake, WinFF and MkvMergeGui. One feature was lacking from most of them, video stream copy (pass-through), that made me build this. It is made entirely in Lazarus.

dmMediaConverter p1.png

Double Commander

Double Commander is a crossplatform and portable file manager (like old Norton Commander...).

Double Commander2.png


eLogSim is a digital circuit simulator with statistical fault simulation capability.



eMyCar-Monitor is comprehensive car care & fleet information management software for Windows. You can follow and track all information about your vehicle with this free vehicle tracker software.



ezANOVA is a simple tool to calculate Analysis of Variance as well as pairwise comparisons. It is open source.


Foobot Monitor

  • Foobot( is an InternetOfThings gadget that monitors indoor air quality
  • Unfortunately, the company currently only supplies mobile phone apps to access the Foobot
  • They do however publish an API which returns JSON data when queried, so I decided to port it to the PC using Lazarus and FPC

What you will need

1. A Foobot
2. A Foobot account
3. A free API Key (get one from the API page:


  • Foobot Monitor


  • Foobot monitor configuration window


FoxWhois: domain bulk whois checker

FoxWhois (Domain manager and extended whois client for bulk checking). Free version of the proprietary software FoxWhois free allows you to check large lists of domain names by whois protocol on availabality and other parameters. The software is convenient to find free domain names. The paid version includes additional parameters, and the ability to automatically register a domain name directly from the FoxWhois. Has both English and Russian interfaces.

Download "FoxWhois free" ( )

foxwhois full.png


fpctwitGUI is a Lazarus application that demonstrates use of the included TTwitter/TOauth1 libraries. It demonstrates getting public and private timeline tweets, getting user info, and tweeting.

It also demonstrates use of the Blowfish encryption units to obfuscate sensitive configuration data.

The Twitter library uses the Synapse network units for easy communication; it supports OAuthv1 secure authentication and TLS encryption. The library uses modified fpJSON units (or the FPC units if compiling with 2.7.1 or later) to allow getting UTF8 data out of the JSON data with Tweets returned from Twitter. The GUI does not show this, but a text mode demo program shows how to use the OOB/PIN authentication method included in the Twitter library to authorize the application for Twitter if it hasn't already been authorized.

The Twitter library uses the included OAuth1 unit that provides OAuth1 authentication. This authentication mechanism is also used for other service providers such as Yahoo.

The applications and libraries are distributed under a very liberal license (my code under MIT license) which allows commercial use as well as interoperability with GPL programs.

See Projects using Lazarus: fpctwit for more details.


Fertility Calendar

Fertility calendar with current year expectance, boy or girl presumption. Versions for Windows and MacOS.



fpcup is a command line client (programmed with FPC and LCL libraries) that automates getting FPC and Lazarus sources from subversion/svn, as well as optional external modules such as fpspreadsheet.

It compiles FPC and Lazarus for you, if wanted compiles cross compilers, and can deal with various versions (e.g. FPC trunk with a stable Lazarus).

Apart from the fpcup command line client, there is a GUI available for easier management: fpcupgui.png


gdvdslides is a Linux graphical user interface for the command line program dvd-slideshow, which allows you to create a video from a set of video clips, JPEG image files and audio files. gdvdslides supports slide transitions, title slides, background images and multiple audio tracks. It also allows cropping, Ken Burns effect and scrolling slide effects. gdvdslides comes with complete documentation and tutorial.

gdvdslides Mainwindow.jpg


GHTopo is a cave-mapping software using TOPOROBOT [1] methodology and his Tab format. It's written in Lazarus by JP CASSOU. Exists also Java version, and the calculation processor has been ported in Python.

The Toporobot original software (LimeLight) runs only under Macintosh; is proprietary and probably abandoned: links to download are broken.

GHTopo is the "" of the TOPOROBOT cave surveying concept.

GHTopo blog: [2]

GHTopo screenshot

Database editor Plan view 3D view

GHTopo includes a powerful calculator, geocoordinates converter and magnetic declinations calculation. Exists also stand-alone version of the utility.

GHTopo Calculator


GHCaveDraw is a drawing program for cave mapping, used with GHTopo. This program usus BGRABitmap library for transparency of scraps

GHCaveDraw blog: [3]

Using scraps Using scraps and offset of groupes Using scraps and offset of groupes Using scraps for vertical cave Using scraps for distinguing parts of a large cave Using scraps

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is an open source pixelgraphic editor for creating icons, cursors, animations, pixel art, etc.


Grid InQuest II Coordinate Transformer

The Grid InQuest II desktop application and command line tools provide a means of transforming coordinates between global geodetic coordinates (ETRS89/WGS84) and the national systems of Great Britain and Ireland. It provides a fully three-dimensional transformation incorporating the latest geoid model (OSGM15) and the appropriate polynomial transformation model (OSTN15 or OSi/OSNI) for each of the projected coordinate systems. This was developed in Free Pascal and Lazarus by Michell Computing. It was commissioned jointly by the Land and Property Service of Northern Ireland, the Ordnance Survey of the Republic of Ireland and the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain.



GroundCAD is new 2D CAD software for land surveying. working under windows and linux.

groundcad.jpg layermanager.jpg

Hagen (crossplatform)

Hagen is an open source (lgpl) cross-platform html generator (or client side cms). It supports the web developer by generating a website and writing the pages. For that purpose Hagen will automate as much tasks as it can. You can use Hagen to write a slideshow in cooperation with slidy too. Hagen was developed with Lazarus.


  • project management
    • variables, functions and settings
    • template based and (page) divisions
    • source files (.source) for content
  • editor
    • syntax highlighting
    • Markdown
    • search over all pages
    • insert colors, images, tables and references
  • repository
    • for data exchange
    • for templates
    • user defined commands (in the menu)
  • automation
    • automate menu generating
    • internal and user defined variables and funktions
    • printing page


Hex is an open source hex editor with some features which are useful for analyzing binary files ("reverse-engineering"):

  • Numeric viewer: displays the byte selected by the cursor and the following bytes to standard Pascal numeric data types (byte, shortint, word, ..., singe, double, real48) as a usual number.
  • Record viewer: allows to construct "records" from the basic Pascal types. The record elements are displayed in "human-readable" form. Commands are available to scroll through the file record by record.
  • Object viewer: displays embedded images.


HJSplit for Linux

HJSplit for Linux is a freeware file splitter. HJSplit supports file sizes of over 100 Gigabytes, Split, Join/Recombine, MD5 checksums, file-compare and "run without install". Suitable for Linux. Created by using Lazarus and Free Pascal on Ubuntu 10.x.


JPDB Admin for MariaDB

JPDB Admin for MariaDB is a tool for managing and developing with MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server. It allows one to visually create tables, views, triggers and other structures.

JPDB Admin for MariaDB, has free and trial versions and is available in seven languages​​: Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It is also runs on Windows, Linux GTK2 or QT, with DEB and RPM packages and tar.gz binaries, as well as 32bits or 64bits.

Official website:

Features include:

  • Multi-platform and multilingual​​
  • Supports Unicode and character tables
  • Assistant to create tables using a data grid view
  • Create and edit the main database objects (views, triggers, functions and others)
  • Several dialogs for creating, editing and/or deleting fields, keys, foreign keys and others
  • Dialog for managing users and permissions
  • Data visualization, including BLOB (image) and MEMO fields
  • Full SQL query executor and SQL scripts editor with syntax highlighting and code completion intelligent
  • Generates scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements to the script editor or clipboard
  • Reports of the SQL Scripts and of the query results, previews, and export the report to PDF, HTML, text and image
  • Export SQL scripts to HTML with syntax highlighting
  • Visual Query Builder (Visually create queries without knowing SQL)
  • Tools for monitoring servers MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server
  • Export table data to SQL, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON and others
  • Database Export Assistant (extraction of the data and/or metadata)
  • Import data from SQL files

JPDB Screenshort1.png JPDB Screenshort2.png JPDB Screenshort3.png JPDB Screenshort4.png JPDB Screenshort5.png JPDB Screenshort6.png JPDB Screenshort7.png JPDB Screenshort8.png JPDB Screenshort9.png


Jubarte aims to create a complete application suite to calculate and analyse the viability of telecommunication links. Jubarte is able to calculate links using Radio, Optical Fiber and Satellites, in the newer versions capabilities to calculate auxiliary systems is being added. Jubarte is being developped in Lazarus enviroment and exist binaries for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Radio.jpg Optical.jpg

KML File Viewer and Export to CSV

The KML Dataviewer Broken link is used to load KML files from Google Earth and Maps. It uses the Haversine formula to calculate the distance travelled and export the data to file.


  • Begin addres
  • End addres
  • Distance travelled
  • The data is loaded into a grid and can be exported to a CSV file
  • Uses Google Maps API to reverse geocode the begin and end addres
  • View data in meters, kilometres or miles

KM Viewer Main.png

KSP Sound Player

KSP is an audio player that already supports almost all features any modern powerful player has to support. However, KSP is still easy in use and intuitive, something that you can call really user oriented.


Laz Open QBuilder

Laz Open QBuilder is a derivative of Fastreport's open source Open QBuilder for Delphi. It is a Visual Query Builder, also known as QBE, like the one used in #JPDB Admin for MariaDB, Microsoft Access and other database tools.

Based on Jepafi's work in porting to Lazarus and adding Zeos support, this version adds SQLDB and IBX (in development) support.



LazLock Password manager is a lightweight, portable password manager for Windows & GNU/Linux that encrypts your data with 128 bit AES encryption. The Linux version is available in either GTK and Qt. LazLock also includes a password generator, which allows you to create more secure passwords, and a search function to easily navigate longer lists of entries.

Online help and a tutorial can be found here.

Linux LazLock.png


LazPaint is an image editor with antialiasing and alpha blending, providing many features like gradients, deformation, filters...

Lazpaint curve redim.png


[LazScope] is a simple oscilloscope project. It uses an Arduino Uno/atmega328p board with serial connection to sample waveforms with the builtin ADC and transmit the resulting data to an application for display on a PC/laptop. Both the micro controller firmware and display application are written in Lazarus and compiled with FPC.

50Hz sine 500Hz squarex32 win.png


LazSqlX is a Multiplatform mini sql Manager built completely with Lazarus FPC. It comes in handy to any developer who works with MsSQL, Oracle, MySql,Sqlite,Firebird and PostgreSql. It provides them with an intuitive database management tool that can be used to browse the database structure, generate and execute queries and stored procedures, view table information and create new tables.

NewLazSqlX Screenshot2.png

Lightning SSH Tunnel Manager



miXimum by FIENS is the DJ's best friend. miXimum plays and mixes wav, mp*, ogg and mod audio files. On WINDOWS, LINUX and macOS.


MK Express

MK Express, created by Balsa software, is a multi-platform desktop application which designs Master Key locking systems.

This standalone application calculates key codes and pinning to produce a non-hierarchal access control in a mechanic locking system.

MK Express is available on Linux, Windows and Mac with a demo version for the Raspberry PI too.

MKExpress Locks.png


MRIcroGL uses OpenGL's GLSL to provide hardware accelerated volume ray casting. It can display grayscale images (e.g. CT or MRI scans) or full color images (e.g. photographs from the visible human dataset or MRI scans with overlays of functional activity). It is compiled for Windows, macOS and Linux.

mricrogl overlay.png mricrogl visiblehuman.jpg


MRIcron is a medical image visualization and analysis package. The software provides tools for drawing volumes of interest and volume rendering. In addition, it includes non-parametric statistical mapping (npm) and conversion of images from DICOM format to NIfTI format (dcm2nii). It is currently available for Windows (using WinAPI), Linux (GTK1, GTK2 or QT) and macOS (Carbon or GTK1).


Multi Pdf Smaller

MultiPdfSmaller is a open source software for Linux and Windows. Compresses pdf files to make it smaller. Ghostscript is used in the background.


Music Player by

Music Player by is a freeware no-frills music player designed for Linux. It supports MP3, Wav, OGG and AIFF files. Created by using Lazarus, Free Pascal and the Bass audio library on Ubuntu 10.x

musicplayer linux.png


MyNotex is a free software for Gnu/Linux useful to take and to manage textual notes.

Screenshot of MyNotex 1.2.0 - en.png


MZTG mztg is a wordlist generator hybrid, flexible and smart. In recent years, hearing leakage of multiple passwords. I decided to study the most common formats and develop a program that was more intelligent than a simple wordlist, faster than a brute force and more flexible than the current hybrid tools.


Name My TV Series

Name My TV Series is free and available for Windows, Linux and macOS. It retrieves data for the proper episode names from TheTVDB and/or EPGuide to assist you in renaming your downloaded TV Show episodes individually or in bulk. It supports drag and drop, all common video formats, is flexible in the renaming patterns, and renames related files (.nfo, .srt, etc).

name my tv series opened.jpg name my tv series renaming.jpg name my tv series renaming ubuntu.jpg name my tv series renaming mac.jpg

name my tv series preferences1.jpg name my tv series preferences2.jpg


Project homepage OpenSIMPLY is an open source free simulation software based on discrete event simulation approach.

The concept is suitable for a person of a different programming and simulation experience. Both style of simulation: blocks simulation and Simula-like simulation are available. Simula-models with some adaptation can be used as well.

The project is supplied with full documentation (HTML and CHM formats), insight help (pop-up hints) and tutorial with executable examples.

OpenSIMPLY can be used as a network simulation software, traffic simulation software and as a computer simulation software for educational purposes.

Learn more

OpenSIMPLY tutorial demonstration example


OnlineRadio is a complete software created with Lazarus.



OutKafe is a complete multiplatform suite of cybercafe management software created with Lazarus. It includes server side administration tools (Linux) and clients for Linux and Windows (more to follow).

Outkafe admin.png Outkafe client.png


PARKEER is a commercial software for parking control.



PasteQuick is an open source minimal pastebin app. Use it to paste bits of text or snippets of code to without having to log in to the website.


  • Simple one-window pasting and sending
  • Set options like Title, Syntax, Expiration time, and Exposure
  • Login and paste under your username, or paste as Guest



Patchwrangler is an open source (MIT licensed) tool that helps in applying patches to e.g. Lazarus and FPC repositories.


  • Utility that lets you read unified diffs,
  • review the patch, with syntax highlighting
  • automatically change line endings to your current system
  • checks patch paths and guesses patche.exe -p<n> (path strip depth)
  • searches for subdirectories if the patch was created there
  • dry-run or apply the patch using patch.exe (e.g. as supplied with FPC)
  • command-line batch mode so you can use it in scripts (like patch.exe, will abort when it cannot apply the patch)

Useful for antediluvial versions of patch that do not handle these conversions themselves. Open source freeware under the MIT license.



Path-Manager is a small utility application to provide users a clean interface for environment variables management.



PicPas is a Open Source Crossplatform Pascal compiler, for midrange PIC microcontrollers (most of the 16F series).

No additional libraries or software required to compile. PicPas generates the *.hex file directly.

PicPas works with a simplified version of the Pascal language, that has been adapted to work with limited resources small devices.

Currently, it only supports basic types.

It includes a very complete IDE to facilitate the development.

The compiler includes optimization options so the code obtained is fairly compact, as that could generate any commercial compiler.





PlanB is a Vehicle management program written using to Lazarus (Free Pascal) and MySQL Community Edition .

Features :

  • Management of Mileage Log , Service , Registration , Mandatory Insurance documents .
  • Statistics : global , driver , company , mileage log , average fuel consumption, visited places.
  • Graphs : driver, vehicle .
  • Reminders for : oil , tachograph , fire extinguisher , leasing , driver health check , driver skills check , registration.
  • Unlimited number of Vehicle Groups ( example : Private, Company, Warehouse, VIP , etc. ) and Vehicles.
  • One window user interface , intelligently grouped together for easy everyday usage.
  • Can handle various Regional Settings without problems.
  • 100% UTF-8 (aka Unicode)
  • Handles multiple users at the same time. Items are locked when modifying to prevent database corruption.
  • Simple user rights :
    • administrator : unlimited access to program features
    • user : the one doing all the work , cannot add new users, view program statistics or unlock locked items.
    • guest : can only view statistics
  • Can export almost every table to EXCEL (2003 level) even without Excel being installed.
  • Can automatically resize tables to correct size to fit data being displayed,almost every table supports quick search.
  • Can print out every report to printer , or export to PDF . With Mileage Log Stats it can even mass export all vehicles in selected group to Excel file.
  • Uses MySQL Community Edition which is absolutely FREE.
  • Was written with Lazarus 1.2.2 using only FREE components.
  • Logs usage stats
  • Multilingual, right now: English, Hungarian, Serbian(Latin), German is supported .
  • All program related settings are stored in config files NOT in registry.
  • Tested on Windows XP,7,8,8.1 . (Windows 9x series not supported)

Images :

planB1.png planB2.png planB3.png planB4.png planB5.png planB6.png planB7.png planB8.png planB9.png planB10.png planB11.png planB12.png planB13.png planB14.png planB15.png planB16.png planB17.png planB18.png planB19.png planB20.png planB21.png planB22.png planB23.png planB24.png planB25.png planB26.png planB27.png planB28.png planB29.png planB30.png planB31.png planB32.png planB33.png


Planingz is a software for production planning, forecasting and optimization. It can be used both as a stand-alone MRP program or a supplement to existing ERP and MRP programs. The program is suitable for dynamic manufacturing companies that produce many different products, handle variety of raw materials and often change production schedules and priorities. Some examples are: cosmetical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.

Planingz Screenshot.png

Pocket WiFi Monitor

Pocket WiFi Monitor is an application for Windows and macOS to monitor the status of 3G Cellular/WiFi routers. It currently supports the Pocket WiFi line of portable hotspots marketed by eMobile, the D25HW and GP01. Note that these routers are actually produced by Huawei, and thus other Huawei models marketed by other carriers may work as well. (The Pocket WiFi S is not supported).

Features include monitoring of signal strength, battery status, and many other attributes (depending upon the model). Graphs are available for bandwidth and some signal indicators.

Pocket WiFi Bandwidth 2.PNG Pocket WiFi 4 Pane Signal Monitor.PNG


Promet-ERP is a Small Business ERP System / Projectmanagement Solution / Mail Program / Document Management System. It can be used with most major Database Systems and on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS).
mainscreen windows.jpgkalendar windows.jpgwiki windows.jpgmainscreen linux.pngkalendar linux.pngwiki linux.pngtaskplan.jpgorder edit.jpggannt res.jpgdocumentmanagement.jpg


ProofTools automatically and graphically generates semantic tableaux, also known as proof trees, semantic trees and analytic tableaux, generally used to test whether a formula is a logical truth, or whether a proof/argument is deductively valid. ProofTools can generate proof trees for propositional, predicate and (normal) modal logic. It is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

ProofTools screenshot


Q500log2kml is an application to display and analyze FlightLog data (including Telemetry) from legacy Yuneec-driven multicopter (like Q500, H920, Typhoon H, Breeze, but also from Blade Chroma or Blade 350QX). You can view the flight path (KML/GPX) in different map tools, analyze the FlightLog and find problems or misbehaviour of the copter.

Display files

Quick analysis


  • Archive: Rename the FlightLog directory by using a time stamp to avoid overwriting older data. This should be the first action if you move the FlightLog data from ST10/16 to your PC.
  • Convert: Convert telemetry data from copter to KML- or KMZ-files (flight path for Google Earth), GPX for other map services, for import to Dashware in order to get telemetry data in videos, as CSV file for RaceRender or as CCC waypoint file.
  • Overview: Some important information for the flights in a table form (ceiling, max. air speed, max. distance, warnings, etc).
  • Flight record: Scan a whole directory for telemetry files and generate a flight record.
  • Display files: Browse raw data of telemetry files. Use this for deeper analysis.
  • Search: Search in a column of file display table. Depending on values in the columns, part of the search string or whole search string will be used to find something.
  • Elevation histogram: Graphic elevation histogram and voltage curve.
  • Quick analysis: Three different and select-able Histograms on the same tab sheet for quick overview and compare.
  • Cut files: This function provides the possibility to cut out parts of the FlightLog and save it in a new FlightLog file set.
  • Analysis: Analyze a predefined data area to see i.e average speed, climb rate…
  • Settings: Three tab sheets for commission settings of the application.
  • Control CGO3: Test environment for commands to CGO3 via WLAN connection.

The application is available for LINUX, Windows and macOS. It is used by many Yuneec pilots worldwide.

More info: User manual


QFront is an frontend for the CPU Emulator QEmu



REAL DBF2SQL Edit and export dBase file to SQLite data base files and SQL scripts. English/Spanish.


Rename My TV Series 2

Rename My TV Series (RMTV) is a free application to assist in renaming TV series episodes, based on data from TheTVDB. This is the successor to "Name My TV series".

The application is available for Windows (32bit), Linux (64bit) and macOS (64bit and signed). For Linux and macOS, the so called Dark Theme is supported.

A wide range of video formats is supported for resolution detection (ffprobe) and file renaming. Additional files like subtitles, posters, series and episode information (and more) are supported as well - which can be downloaded automatically as well (with the exception of subtitles).


Route Inventory Management

Route Inventory Management (aka: RIM) is a new class of IP address management solutions: IP Address Route Management. Instead of tracking all of the routes AND all of the individual IP addresses found on the network, Route Inventory Management tracks the various IP routes that are found in your network routing tables or the IP address ranges which have been allocated. For those companies that do not need to keep track of all individual IP addresses, this is a well balanced solution between the spreadsheet and the traditional IPAM solutions.

RIM uses - in addition to Lazarus - virtualtreeview, OnGuard and Synapse.


SBA System Creator

The SBA Creator is a software tool that allows the easy creation of SBA system projects. It comes with access to the SBA library repository and SBA forums. With SBA creator, the VHDL designer can access a special SBA controller editor, many IP cores, and tools. Teachers can customize the SBA creator to use his own repository and themes.


SBAv5b.png SBAv5c.png SBAv5d.png SBAv5e.png


ScanTo scans from a TWAIN device to a file (jpeg, png, bmp and other).

Adds the command "Scan to ..." in the context menu Windows directory.

Добавляет команду "Сканировать в ..." в контекстное меню директорий Windows.

ScanTo Mainform



Scan from a TWAIN device and print. Combines a scanner and printer into a photocopier.

Сканировариние TWAIN-устройством и распечатка. Объединяет сканер и принтер в копировальный аппарат.

ScanToPrinter Mainform


Scriper is a program used to remove your skype information from your pc automatically.


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Siemens Speedstream 4100/4200 Router Utility (macOS)


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Simple Chess

Simple Chess is a chess display and communication program (no chess engine yet). Open source (BSD 2 clauses like) license.

Simple Chess starting a game


SimThyr is a simulation program for the pituitary thyroid feedback control that is based on a parametrically isomorphic model of the overall system. Its aim is to provide a better insight into the dynamics of thyroid homeostasis. Applications of this program cover research, including development of hypotheses, and education of students in biology and medicine, nurses and patients. SimThyr has been globally used for numerous scientific projects. It helped to develop a theoretical foundation for integrative physiology of thyrotropic feedback and to design clinical trials.

SimThyr for macOS SimThyr for Linux SimThyr for Windows


SmallMap is a tool for creating vector maps using raster data as well as for processing spatial information. The application is based on Firebird database. It allows you to collect and process raster images and vector layers. Currently, the program works with spatial data in WGS84 system and WebMercator projection. It operates in two modes: preview and edition of objects. The default unit set in the program is one meter.

FPW SmallMap 02 1.png

FPW SmallMap 03 2.png

FPW SmallMap 04 1.png

FPW SmallMap 05.png


Screen Shot 02-14-18 at 05.13 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 02-15-18 at 09.29 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 02-15-18 at 09.30 AM 001.jpg

Screen Shot 02-15-18 at 09.30 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 02-15-18 at 09.29 AM 001.jpg

Grabs Web images at set intervals and makes them the Windows desktop.

  • Sources include
    • G16 Full Disk Natural Color
    • G16 Full Disk GeoColor
    • G16 Full Disk Band 13 (10.3um)
    • G16 CONUS Natural Color
    • G16 CONUS GeoColor
    • G16 CONUS Band 13 (10.3um)
    • H8 Full Disk Natural Color
    • H8 Full Disk GeoColor
    • H8 Full Disk Band 13 (10.3um)
    • SDO : 512
    • SDO : 1024
    • SDO : 2048
    • SDO : 4096
    • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
    • NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day
    • NASA Image of the Day
    • Real-Time Sky Map (
    • Verse of the Day (

Also has a built-in telescope calculator


More info at Astronomy Forum Thread


SPINA (Structure Parameter Inference Approach) is a cybernetic method to calculate constant structure parameters of endocrine feedback control systems from hormone levels obtained in vivo. SPINA Thyr is an application of SPINA for thyroid evaluation. It allows for calculating the thyroid's maximum secretory capacity (GT) and the sum activity of peripheral 5'-deiodinases (GD) from levels of TSH and thyroid hormones determined only once. This is a free application that is distributed with a BSD license. Sourcecode is provided for Lazarus / Free Pascal and winsoft PocketStudio.

SPINA Thyr for Windows XP SPINA Thyr for macOS


Spready is a grid demo supplied with FPSpreadsheet aimed at demonstrating its capabilities. It can read/write .xls, .xlsx, and .ods spreadsheet files and can write to Wikitable format - handy if you want to paste tables into this wiki ;)



SVN::Observator is a simple tool to monitor svn repositories for new commits. It uses the original svn client to connect to the repositories.

Binaries for Linux and Windows are available.

svn-observator 1.png svn-observator 2.png


SubzBor is a free and open source Linux and Windows utility to cut subtitles. basically it's a GUI for FFmpeg and MKVToolNix but support for internal subtitle readers and writers are adding. supports srt ass ssa vtt smi stl sub sup and more. Source code available under GNU GPL 3.0 license.


Surf Ice

Surf Ice is a GLSL-based surface renderer available for macOS, Linux and Windows. The source code is distributed under a BSD license.


Tasjeel Accounting

Tasjeel is an Arabic Accounting system with stock control module, cheques module, barcode sales point module, and simple document management module. It is available for Linux and Windows. It uses Firebird database engine.


The Userman

theuserman is a simple desktop application to manage user mikrotik hotspot (Windows & Linux). Can be used to generate randomly mikrotik hotspot users and export them into voucher as pdf files.

halaman-utama-windows.png daftar-user-linux.png custom-voucher-template.png

Titos Terminal

Tito's Terminal GUI Terminal with syntax highlighting and automation for telnet, and ssh.

This terminal can be used like a Telnet, SSH, and Serial client. and with any console program. It includes a text panel, used to send commands.


The terminal screen, works like a VT100 terminal, but only implements the basic sequences. The screen width is not limited to the VT100 width, but it can be extended much more.

The terminal can be configured to detect and highlight the prompt.

A visual file manager is included to work with Telnet and SSH connections, and makes easy to work with files.

Tito's Terminal

A remote editor is also included ant let us edit small files in a telnet or ssh session, using the shell commands to edit files.

Tito's Terminal have an special editor for automation using macros in a similar language of the client TeraTerm.

Tito's Terminal

The program is very flexible, including several options for configure the appareance and behaviour.


Tonopol-Trainer is a music-analyzer and trainer for musicans like best-practice, but many more functions. Source available.


tomboy-ng notes

A note taking app that works and syncronises between Linux, Windows and MacOS. It will also Sync to Tomdroid on Android. It features a rich text markup, printing, spell check, backup and snapshot capability. Import and export (plain text, RFT, MarkDown). It has Tomboy's automatic linking between notes, searching abilities, NoteBooks and a similar interface.

Inspired by the original Tomboy Notes but without its hard (to impossible) dependencies on GTK and Mono, is a great example of just how good FPC/Lazarus really is.


Transmission Remote GUI

Transmission Remote GUI is a feature rich cross platform front-end to remotely control a Transmission Bit-Torrent client daemon via its RPC protocol. Transmission Remote GUI is faster and has more functionality than the built-in Transmission web interface.

Transmission Remote GUI.png

TreePad Lite for Linux

TreePad Lite for Linux is a freeware personal information manager, which supports Unicode, is fully portable, and does not need to be installed. TreePad Lite can help you manage, store, search, edit, organize and browse any type of textual data, such as: notes, emails, articles, links, addresses, scraps pasted from the Web, etc. You can enter western as well as non-western characters into the article, tree-node titles and search toolbars. You can e.g. mix western, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew and even Phonetic characters - assuming the appropriate fonts are installed on your system. Suitable for Linux. Created by using Lazarus and Free Pascal on Ubuntu 10.x.

treepadlitelx 3 2.png

Traverse Pro

Traversing is the type of survey in which a number of connected survey lines form the framework and the directions and lengths of the survey lines are measured with the help of an angle measuring instrument respectively. Traverse Pro is a freeware for calculation of single loop traverse. Traverse Pro desktop application especially designed for Civil / Surveyor. Traverse Pro2.png Traverse Pro.jpg


TRURL is a suite of desktop calculators with Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) that are based on the TRURL RPN Engine for Object Pascal. Calculators range from TRURL A, a very simple implementation demonstrating, how easy a calculator can be constructed with the RPN Engine, to TRURL G, a design calculator inspired by the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC). Pre-compiled apps are available for macOS and Windows. Additionally, source code is provided for Lazarus and Free Pascal (compatible e.g. to several desktop Linux distributions).

TRURL A 1.0 on macOS Mojave.png TRURL G 1.0 on Windows 7.png TRURL G 1.0 on macOS Mojave.png

Turbo Bird

Turbo Bird is a FireBird administration tool that enables developers and administrators to create tables, procedures, Triggers, build relations, and all other Firebird properties.


Unified Life Models

ULM (Unified Life Models) is an open-source software enabling the simulation and analysis of deterministic and stochastic discrete time dynamical systems for population dynamics modeling. It works natively on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Models are described using a simple declaration language, close to the mathematical formulation. The system can be studied interactively by means of simple commands, producing convenient graphics and numerical results.

screenshot ulm.png

Uniform Server

Uniform Server is a free lightweight WAMP server solution for Windows. Less than 24MB, modular design, includes the latest versions of Apache2, Perl5, PHP (switch between PHP53..PHP71 etc), MySQL5 or MariaDB5, phpMyAdmin or Adminer4 Perl. No installation required! No registry dust! Just unpack and fire up!

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass is a free, open source, screen magnification tool for Windows and Linux. It is simple, customizable, and easy-to-use. It's currently available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. With over 170.000 downloads and a 5 years history, the magnifier aims to bring an easy to use accessibility tool to those who need it.

Magnifier 3 2.png

WAPT APT-get for Windows

WAPT is an open-source (GPLv3-licenced) package manager for Windows which helps sysadmins with everyday tasks by providing automated, network-wide installation, configuration, upgrades and uninstall of Windows based software. Software packages such as Firefox and MS Office are deployed through a graphical interface. WAPT was modeled on GNU/Linux Debian apt, hence its name.

wapt-consol-01-home-en.png wapt-console-02-editPC-en.png wapt-console-03-group-en.png wapt-console-04-depotPrive-en.png

WindSirf GTS-31 GPS file viewer

WindSirf is a free, open source, Win 32 viewer for GTS-31 GPS files. It displays tracks and speeds.


Wireless Orders for Mini Bar Cafe

Wireless Orders is a wireless ordering system for Mini Bar - Cafe with Win32 TCP/IP Application Server, Win32 TCP/IP Client and WinCE TCP/IP Client. It is developed using Lazarus and lNet and prints receipts directly to the cash machine.

Demo ( )

order.jpg Example.jpg table.jpg mtrl.jpg

Woodland Potential Calculator

The Forestry Commission and Natural England commissioned a bespoke data collection and presentation tool for calculating the potential for increasing the extent of tree cover across England. It is written entirely in FreePascal using the Lazarus IDE, the LCL and the Graphics32 library. WoodlandCalc is released under the LGPL v2 open source licence and freely available for download from SourceForge.

More Info ( ) Application ( )



Software for graphical (3D) modeling and simulation of physical phenomena in various fields: electronics, automation, robotics, mechatronics and physics.

Description WorldLab3D have 3D interface allows you to quickly design a new experiment in the field and read the results (phenomena). The graphical environment makes the impression that we experiment in the real world.. An interesting solution is the ability to control the simulation process with any application written in C++ or Pascal

WorldLab3D DecoderBCDDziesitny.png WorldLab3D DroneSterowanie.png WorldLab3D PomiarRLC.png WorldLab3D Magnetyzm1.png WorldLab3D SevenSegmendLedUCY.png WorldLab3D UrzadzenieTestowe.png

History of the Project

In 2001, a project aimed perform remote laboratory support youth education in technical, this project created software that does not require a remote server, but forms an integral software.

In 2014-2015 the program included expanding ngspice environment simulation capabilities.

Author : Andrzej Gajewski

XERO CODER Cross Platform IDE for Grid Computing

XERO CODER is a cross-platform development IDE which provides a Visual RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment for Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile operating systems. You can visually build apps for Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and the Web.

Xpower1 big.jpg


ZCad Simple CAD program with dxf2000 file format.