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Work in progress

This page will contain screenshots and links to screenshots of applications made with Lazarus, much like the FPC gallery

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(Errata for above: The FreePascal application gallery is here:


Ancestromania GPL is a complete free genealogy software. It is user-friendly. You can import and export to Gedcom. You can export to Geneanet and to a web site. There is a great graphical tree, with fast classic trees. There are a lot of following documents.

Ancestroweb creates a static genealogy's web site. It is french, but can be translated easily. It is part of Ancestromania.

Ancestromania.jpg2012-04 Ancestroweb.jpg2012-05 Ancestroweb carte.jpg

Audio X

Audio X is a freeware music library that doesn't use a database - all information is stored and managed in the media directly. It manages, plays, ripps, burns and stores audio data and information about real media like cd´s or vinyl. It is currently available for Windows and will soon be available for Linux.


Cactus Jukebox

Cactus Jukebox is an audio player and music organizer. It sorts your music in a database so you can browse your collection by artist, album and titles. A CD ripping function allows to easily import CDs into the database. It is also possible to mark parts of your database to get synchronized with a USB audio player device.

db large.jpg

Minimzed to simple player player large.jpg


OutKafe is a complete multiplatform suite of cybercafe management software created with Lazarus. It includes server side administration tools (Linux) and clients for Linux and Windows (more to follow).

Outkafe admin.png Outkafe client.png


QFront is an Frontend for the CPU Emulator QEmu


Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass is a free, open source, screen magnification tool for Windows and Linux. It is simple, customizable, and easy-to-use. It's currently available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. With over 170.000 downloads and a 5 years history, the magnifier aims to bring an easy to use accessibility tool to those who need it.

Magnifier 3 2.png