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TScrollingText is a visual component for Lazarus/fpc by

This is a graphic panel that will display text that scrolls upwards. The effect is like the Lazarus Help/'About Lazarus' dialog Contributors tab. It is an encapsulation and addition to the IDE code in AboutFrm.pas to make a visual drop-in component.

Properties screenshot

scrolltext100 properties.png


  • Make a new folder 'scrolltext' in lazarus/components
  • Download the latest version from the ccr
  • Or install from Online Package Manager
  • In Lazarus open the file 'scrolltext.lpk' as a package project
  • Click 'Compile' then 'Use/Install'
  • If asked 'do you want to recompile the IDE?' then click 'Yes'

After the compilation, the ScrollingText component will be on the 'Additional' component palette.


Drop a ScrollingText onto a form and set the properties as required If you want the text to come from an external text file (UseTextFile=TRUE) then name the file 'scrolling.txt' and deploy it in the same folder as the executable.

You can set Active=True when designing to see the scrolling text but remember than any http:// links are only clickable in runtime mode


Download from the lazarus CCR here

Current version is


Modified GPL License (see source code).


Tested with Lazarus 1.x fpc 2.6x Windows 64-bit

  • If when you click Lazarus Help/'About Lazaus' Contributors tab, you can see a scrolling screen, then this component is compatible with your IDE


Note the GPL license conditions

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