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Posted by Tony Maro on November 1, 2003 at 13:58:08 PST

That makes the link:

Posted by Tony Maro on November 1, 2003 at 14:02:26 PST

Two more things...

The bug mentioned in the make file is apparently not there anymore. No need to edit.

The makefile command you run is "make -f xmingw32.mak" not the "make -f xmingw.mak" that the docs above mention. That file doesn't exist.

Posted by Tony Maro on November 1, 2003 at 14:35:53 PST

In the build process if it fails, check the "binutils-build.log" file. The end should give a clue.

Mine failed on ylwrap with "command not found" or some such. I googled this and learned:

ylwrap attempts to make a symbolic link. Find "ln -s" (around line 83) and replace it with "cp" (without the quotes).

Anyway, even with this change it's still dying when I try to run the make.

Posted by Anonymous on November 18, 2003 at 01:44:36 PST

A complete set of crosstools for linux is available on the FPC ftp site.

Posted by Andrew Haines on June 29, 2004 at 07:22:46 PDT

I had to change in

if [ "${OS}" = "win32" ]; then


if [ "${OS}" = "win32" ]; then

Name of the page

The page is called "Cross Compiling for Win32 under Linux", but it contains information about other cross compiles. What about change it's name to Cross Compile or similar? Perhaps new pages should be created for the others? There are other "Cross Compile" pages on the FPC Wiki, and this has to be taken in consideration as the wikies will be merged. --Sekelsenmat 01:40, 21 Feb 2006 (CET)

Information over other OS-es should be moved to the general cross compiling page. Vincent 09:37, 21 Feb 2006 (CET)

No need to build all Lazarus compiler options

I think the following sentence is partially wrong :

Or in the IDE: Set LCL, Synedit, Codetools, Package Registration and IDE Interface to Clean+Build, set LCL interface to win32/win64 and set 'Target OS' to win32. Then 'build lazarus'.

You only need to build what can be used **inside** your projects. Synedit, Codetools and IDE Interface are used by LAzarus IDE only, you do not need to croos compile them (this is what they do in Setup_Cross_Compile_For_ARM)