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This template creates headers for portals.


  • 1st Parameter: line color, hexadecimal without '#'
  • 2nd Parameter: header text
  • 3rd Parameter: background color, hexadecimal without '#', optional, default: transparent
  • 4th Parameter: Font color, hexadecimal without '#', optional, default: black
  • 5th Parameter: Font size, in percent, optional, default: 120%
  • 6th Parameter: URL of page or section for editing


  • {{Portal_Head|00a0cb|header without background}} delivers
header without background

  • {{Portal_Head|00a0cb|header with background|afd2db}} delivers
header with background

  • {{Portal_Head|00a0cb|header with background and font color|00a0cb|FFFFFF|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}} delivers
header with backgroundedit