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Noob Talk

Having just joined today, I'm not quite sure what to stick in here. I joined because I've been using Lazarus for a little while to make a program for tranposing music: link to transposer. Well, I should say that my son and I are developing this together.

Part of my journey with Lazarus

I've been dreaming about an easy way to deal with revision control, particularly something integrated into Lazarus. So I tried to use the package LazSVNPkg, and wrote to the lead developer about expanding it for use with other systems like Mercurial, Bazaar, Git, etc. I just joined the Lazarus mailing list so that I wouldn't trouble too many people with 'noob' like questions while I get up to speed, or try to figure out what the history of this idea is in Lazarus.

A little about me

Besides programming, I enjoy playing music, making art link to my online art gallery, running, cycling, karate, languages, linguistics, and my family [two boys and one wife :) ].

Well, enough chattering, time to get back to work.

Happy coding,