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The XDev Toolkit is a set of utilities for cross-platform development with Lazarus and Free Pascal. Included is the source code for the following console apps and units:

  • MakePasX & DfmToLfm: Delphi converters
  • MakeVer: Create a version info file
  • CvtHelp & HelpUtil: Convert WinHelp RTF to HTML
  • OS X scripts: Create an app bundle
  • RtfDoc & ViewDoc: RTF document creation and viewing

More Information

An archived copy of the old homepage (dated 2010-09-24) can be found via The Wayback Machine. It contains lots of useful information about the various units and tools included in this project.

Download or browse the source code

You can also download the source code using Subversion:

 svn co http://lazarus-ccr.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/lazarus-ccr/components/xdev_toolkit [local dir]

or browse the source code repository online:



On Mac OS X, the toolkit is available as a fink package. Installation:

 fink install xdev-toolkit


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