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                        "*": "__NOTOC__\n{{Main Page}}\n=Welcome to the Lazarus and Free Pascal wiki=\n==About==\n\nThe goal of this wiki is to be a knowledge base for Free Pascal/Lazarus and [[Related projects|related projects]]. \n\nFree Pascal already has good user documentation in several formats, but [[FPC development|FPC developer information, organizational information]] and subjects not yet [[FPC documentation|properly documented]] are collected in this wiki. \n\nLazarus, on the other hand, has some gaps in the user documentation. So this area was created as an \u201copen document\u201d or \u201cwiki\u201d where anyone can edit and add content. \n\nThe wiki speeds things by making it possible to make changes and additions with a browser! For tutorials, please take a look at the [ Wikipedia Tutorial]. A [[Sand Box]] is available for practice. If you have any problems, please post a bug report on the [ Lazarus] bug tracker. You can also leave a note or suggestion on our [[Site Feedback]]  page.\n\nFor the Lazarus <b>project history</b>, see the [[History]] page.\n\n==Free Pascal Documentation==\n;[[FPC documentation|FPC developer documentation]]\n:Contains available documentation for developers and other contributors of the Free Pascal Compiler, such as people involved in translation of messages to other languages, a list of pascal bindings, organizational information, procedure for FPC releases, ToDo lists, etc.\n\n==Lazarus Documentation==\n;[[Lazarus Documentation]]\n:All the available documentation and [[Lazarus_Documentation#Lazarus_and_Pascal_Tutorials|tutorials]] for the Lazarus IDE (including the Free Pascal Compiler manuals) can be found on the [[Lazarus Documentation]] page. [[Installing Lazarus|Installation instructions]] are also available. Many of the pages are \"works in progress\" so please feel free to add your experience to these sections. You can also create a personal page with contact information, if you wish.\n\n==Downloads==\nAll currently available components and packages are available on the [ Lazarus-CCR Sourceforge files area]. Current versions of Lazarus can be found at [ The Lazarus Sourceforge site], while FPC can be downloaded from []. Installation help is available on the [[Installing Lazarus|Installing Lazarus]] wiki page. Additional documentation on these packages can also be found on the [[Components and Code examples]] wiki page if the person who contributed the code created one there. The Compiler and a lot of contributed code can be found on the [ Free Pascal Compiler download mirrors] and on the [ Lazarus IDE website].\nLazarus Snapshots download locations can be found [[Lazarus Snapshots Downloads | here]].\n\n== Mailing lists ==\nNew and experienced users alike are invited to join the Lazarus-ccr [ announce] and [ general] mailing lists.\n\nPerhaps even more useful are the  [ Lazarus] IDE mailing list and the [ Free Pascal] developers or announcement mailing lists.\n\n==Who is working on what?==\nIf you're currently converting a component or library, or you need something converted, please post it on the [[Current conversion projects]] page. These postings will help guide developers who want to convert components that are in demand, as well as prevent the duplication of two people converting the same package.\n\n==References, Links and Resources==\n\n===Lazarus IDE===\nNews and information about the status of the Lazarus IDE can be found on the [ Lazarus IDE website]. Ideas, todos, and other plans can be found at [[Lazarus Development Process\u200e]] page. Releases of the Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal compiler can be downloaded from there. The [ Lazarus file area] also has the latest packages of the compiler and IDE available for download.\n\n====Active Lazarus Projects====\nOur current listing of [[Projects using Lazarus]] with publicly accessible websites and Lazarus related files to download.\n\nIn the [[Lazarus Application Gallery]] you can see some screenshots of applications created with Lazarus.\n\n====Super Sites and Link Farms====\nOur current collection of Delphi/Kylix related sites can be found on our [[Page Of Code Sites]]. Please add to it if you know of a good site that hasn't been listed yet.\n====Specialized Search Engines====\nThere are some outstanding search and knowledge bases online that can be a great help for learning new techniques and solving problems.\nTamarack Associates operates a fast [ search] engine specifically for the Borland usenet archives. Mer Systems Inc. provides a similar search [ engine].\nAnother outstanding source of information along with a sitewide [ search] capability is Earl F. Glynn's Computer Lab and Reference [ Library].\n\n====Marketing Case Studies====\nAn [[Marketing_Case_Studies|opportunity for Lazarus users]] to explain why Lazarus is the IDE of choice.\n\n====Presenting FPC/Lazarus at a trade show and at contests====\nFPC/Lazarus was presented with a booth at the [[Systems 2005]], the [[Systems 2006]] and the [[Systems 2007]] in Munich.  Based on the experiences from these trade shows, a collection of [[Preparing a booth on a trade show|information]] to help future preparations for a trade show booth was built. Lazarus and related projects have also participated in a number of Contests, and a [[Contests|wiki page]] was prepared to help future contests enrollments."