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The fcl-pdf package contains a PDF generating unit fppdf that does not depend on any external libraries.

The PDF generator has the following features:

  • Support for basic shapes.
  • Support for basic line styles.
  • Dictionary support.
  • Multi-page PDF.
  • Image support.
  • TTF Font support.
  • Font embedding (whole font embedding and subset support).
  • Unicode font support.
  • Stream Compression.
  • Image embedding.
  • Several paper types.
  • Portrait/Landscape.
  • Support for multiple units.
  • Rotation matrix system.
  • PDF creator information.
  • Output validates by several PDF validators.

Example Usage

Please take a look at the fcl-pdf/examples/testfppdf.lpr project included with FPC's source code. It was purposely designed to help explain how to use the fcl-pdf package. Each page of that demo is defined in a separate method to help remove clutter, and explain the usage and functionality in smaller chucks of code.