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The Lazarus FileUtil unit contains functions and procedures to maintain compatibility with Delphi's FileUtil unit. File routines that specifically deal with UTF8 file names should go into the LazFileUtils unit.

List of functions

   // file attributes and states
 function CompareFilenames(const Filename1, Filename2: string): integer; inline;
 function CompareFilenamesIgnoreCase(const Filename1, Filename2: string): integer; inline;
 function CompareFilenames(const Filename1, Filename2: string; ResolveLinks: boolean): integer;
 function CompareFilenames(Filename1: PChar; Len1: integer; Filename2: PChar; Len2: integer; ResolveLinks: boolean): integer;
 function FilenameIsAbsolute(const TheFilename: string):boolean; inline;
 function FilenameIsWinAbsolute(const TheFilename: string):boolean; inline;
 function FilenameIsUnixAbsolute(const TheFilename: string):boolean; inline;
 procedure CheckIfFileIsExecutable(const AFilename: string); inline;
 procedure CheckIfFileIsSymlink(const AFilename: string); inline;
 function FileIsReadable(const AFilename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileIsWritable(const AFilename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileIsText(const AFilename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileIsText(const AFilename: string; out FileReadable: boolean): boolean; inline;
 function FileIsExecutable(const AFilename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileIsSymlink(const AFilename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileIsHardLink(const AFilename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileSize(const Filename: string): int64; overload; inline;
 function GetFileDescription(const AFilename: string): string; inline;
 function ReadAllLinks(const Filename: string; ExceptionOnError: boolean): string; // if a link is broken returns ''
 function TryReadAllLinks(const Filename: string): string; // if a link is broken returns Filename 
   // directories
 function DirPathExists(const FileName: String): Boolean; inline;
 function ForceDirectory(DirectoryName: string): boolean; inline;
 function DeleteDirectory(const DirectoryName: string; OnlyChildren: boolean): boolean;
 function ProgramDirectory: string;
 function DirectoryIsWritable(const DirectoryName: string): boolean; inline;
   // filename parts
 function ExtractFileNameOnly(const AFilename: string): string; inline;
 function ExtractFileNameWithoutExt(const AFilename: string): string;
 function CompareFileExt(const Filename, Ext: string; CaseSensitive: boolean): integer; overload; inline;
 function CompareFileExt(const Filename, Ext: string): integer; overload; inline;
 function FilenameIsPascalUnit(const Filename: string): boolean;
 function AppendPathDelim(const Path: string): string; inline;
 function ChompPathDelim(const Path: string): string; inline;
 function TrimFilename(const AFilename: string): string; inline;
 function CleanAndExpandFilename(const Filename: string): string; inline;
 function CleanAndExpandDirectory(const Filename: string): string; inline;
 function CreateAbsoluteSearchPath(const SearchPath, BaseDirectory: string): string;
 function CreateRelativePath(const Filename, BaseDirectory: string; UsePointDirectory: boolean = false;  AlwaysRequireSharedBaseFolder: Boolean = True): string; inline;
 function CreateAbsolutePath(const Filename, BaseDirectory: string): string;
 function FileIsInPath(const Filename, Path: string): boolean;
 function FileIsInDirectory(const Filename, Directory: string): boolean; 
 // file search
   TSearchFileInPathFlag = (
   TSearchFileInPathFlags = set of TSearchFileInPathFlag;
   AllDirectoryEntriesMask = '*';
 function GetAllFilesMask: string; inline;
 function GetExeExt: string; inline;
 function SearchFileInPath(const Filename, BasePath, SearchPath, Delimiter: string; Flags: TSearchFileInPathFlags): string;
 function SearchAllFilesInPath(const Filename, BasePath, SearchPath, Delimiter: string; Flags: TSearchFileInPathFlags): TStrings;
 function FindDiskFilename(const Filename: string): string;
 function FindDiskFileCaseInsensitive(const Filename: string): string;
 function FindDefaultExecutablePath(const Executable: string; const BaseDir: string = ''): string;
  TFileIterator = class
    FPath: String;
    FLevel: Integer;
    FFileInfo: TSearchRec;
    FSearching: Boolean;
    function GetFileName: String;
    procedure Stop;
    function IsDirectory: Boolean;
    property FileName: String read GetFileName;
    property FileInfo: TSearchRec read FFileInfo;
    property Level: Integer read FLevel;
    property Path: String read FPath;
    property Searching: Boolean read FSearching;
  TFileFoundEvent = procedure (FileIterator: TFileIterator) of object;
  TDirectoryFoundEvent = procedure (FileIterator: TFileIterator) of object;
  TDirectoryEnterEvent = procedure (FileIterator: TFileIterator) of object;
  TFileSearcher = class(TFileIterator)
    FMaskSeparator: char;
    FFollowSymLink: Boolean;
    FOnFileFound: TFileFoundEvent;
    FOnDirectoryFound: TDirectoryFoundEvent;
    FOnDirectoryEnter: TDirectoryEnterEvent;
    FFileAttribute: Word;
    FDirectoryAttribute: Word;
    procedure RaiseSearchingError;
    procedure DoDirectoryEnter; virtual;
    procedure DoDirectoryFound; virtual;
    procedure DoFileFound; virtual;
    constructor Create;
    procedure Search(const ASearchPath: String; ASearchMask: String = '';
      ASearchSubDirs: Boolean = True; CaseSensitive: Boolean = False);
    property MaskSeparator: char read FMaskSeparator write FMaskSeparator;
    property FollowSymLink: Boolean read FFollowSymLink write FFollowSymLink;
    property FileAttribute: Word read FFileAttribute write FFileAttribute default faAnyfile;
    property DirectoryAttribute: Word read FDirectoryAttribute write FDirectoryAttribute default faDirectory;
    property OnDirectoryFound: TDirectoryFoundEvent read FOnDirectoryFound write FOnDirectoryFound;
    property OnFileFound: TFileFoundEvent read FOnFileFound write FOnFileFound;
    property OnDirectoryEnter: TDirectoryEnterEvent read FOnDirectoryEnter write FOnDirectoryEnter;
 function [[FindAllFiles]]( const SearchPath: String; SearchMask: String = ''; SearchSubDirs: Boolean = True): TStringList;
 function FindAllDirectories(const SearchPath: string;  SearchSubDirs: Boolean = True): TStringList;
  // Copy a file or a whole directory tree
 function [[CopyFile]](const SrcFilename, DestFilename: string; Flags: TCopyFileFlags=[cffOverwriteFile]): boolean;
 function [[CopyFile]](const SrcFilename, DestFilename: string; PreserveTime: boolean): boolean;
 function CopyDirTree(const SourceDir, TargetDir: string; Flags: TCopyFileFlags=[]): Boolean; 
   // file actions
 function ReadFileToString(const Filename: string): string;
 function GetTempFilename(const Directory, Prefix: string): string; inline; 
   // basic functions similar to the RTL but working with UTF-8 instead of the system encoding
   // AnsiToUTF8 and UTF8ToAnsi need a widestring manager under Linux, BSD, MacOSX  
   // but normally these OS use UTF-8 as system encoding so the widestringmanager is not needed.
 function NeedRTLAnsi: boolean; inline;// true if system encoding is not UTF-8
 procedure SetNeedRTLAnsi(NewValue: boolean); inline;
 function UTF8ToSys(const s: string): string; inline;// as UTF8ToAnsi but more independent of widestringmanager
 function SysToUTF8(const s: string): string; inline;// as AnsiToUTF8 but more independent of widestringmanager
 function ConsoleToUTF8(const s: string): string; inline;// converts OEM encoded string to UTF8 (used with some Windows specific  functions )
 function UTF8ToConsole(const s: string): string; inline;// converts UTF8 string to console encoding (used by Write, WriteLn)
   // file operations
 function FileExistsUTF8(const Filename: string): boolean; inline;
 function FileAgeUTF8(const FileName: string): Longint; inline;
 function DirectoryExistsUTF8(const Directory: string): Boolean; inline;
 function ExpandFileNameUTF8(const FileName: string): string; inline;
 function ExpandUNCFileNameUTF8(const FileName: string): string;
 function ExtractShortPathNameUTF8(Const FileName : String) : String;
 function FindFirstUTF8(const Path: string; Attr: Longint; out Rslt: TSearchRec): Longint; inline;
 function FindNextUTF8(var Rslt: TSearchRec): Longint; inline;
 procedure FindCloseUTF8(var F: TSearchrec); inline;
 function FileSetDateUTF8(const FileName: String; Age: Longint): Longint; inline;
 function FileGetAttrUTF8(const FileName: String): Longint; inline;
 function FileSetAttrUTF8(const Filename: String; Attr: longint): Longint; inline;
 function DeleteFileUTF8(const FileName: String): Boolean; inline;
 function RenameFileUTF8(const OldName, NewName: String): Boolean; inline;
 function FileSearchUTF8(const Name, DirList : String; ImplicitCurrentDir : Boolean = True): String; inline;
 function FileIsReadOnlyUTF8(const FileName: String): Boolean; inline;
 function GetCurrentDirUTF8: String; inline;
 function SetCurrentDirUTF8(const NewDir: String): Boolean; inline;
 function CreateDirUTF8(const NewDir: String): Boolean; inline;
 function RemoveDirUTF8(const Dir: String): Boolean; inline;
 function ForceDirectoriesUTF8(const Dir: string): Boolean; inline;
 function FileOpenUTF8(Const FileName : string; Mode : Integer) : THandle; inline;
 function FileCreateUTF8(Const FileName : string) : THandle; overload; inline;
 function FileCreateUTF8(Const FileName : string; Rights: Cardinal) : THandle; overload; inline;  
   // environment
 function ParamStrUTF8(Param: Integer): string; inline;
 function GetEnvironmentStringUTF8(Index: Integer): string; inline;
 function GetEnvironmentVariableUTF8(const EnvVar: string): String; inline;
 function GetAppConfigDirUTF8(Global: Boolean; Create: boolean = false): string; inline;
 function GetAppConfigFileUTF8(Global: Boolean; SubDir: boolean = false; CreateDir: boolean = false): string; inline;  
   // other
 function SysErrorMessageUTF8(ErrorCode: Integer): String; inline;

How to use the unit

To enable FileUtil in a project, just add LazUtils into required package. Follow this steps:

1- Go to Lazarus IDE Menu "Project > Project Inspector".


2- In the "Project Inspector" dialog window, click "Add > New Requirement".


3- In the "New Requirement" dialog window, find LazUtils package then click OK.


4- You can now add FileUtil in a Uses clause.