ARM Linux Embedded Systems

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This page shall offer a hardware selection guide for those seeking an ARM based (eg low power) platform for FPC and want also to benefit of the capabilities of the underlying Linux OS. Development kits are listed below their respective targets(mentioning the additional features in the I/O column)

Also this will link to a [FPC Embedded Nutshell] page, which holds readymade 'hello world' samples for various systems, to be able to tryout FPC on your system before having to undergo a full installation and a possible build/crosscompile etc.

Products are listed alphabetically.

Model Version CPU Arch Speed RAM Flash ext. Stor I/O JTAG OS Kernel FPC Notes
ARM 9 Boards by Artila
M-501 Atmel
4T 180MHz 64M 16M - 1E,4S,32D,3UH,I2C,SPI,SD Yes Linux 2.6.14.x -
PAC-5010 - - - - - - SD 2E,1S,1*485,16 opto DI, 8 opto DO - - - -
BeagleBoard TI
7R 720MHz 256M 256M - UH,UG,1S,2K,SD,HDMI,S-video,Sound IO Yes Linux 2.6.x.x -
DilNet-PC by SSV
DNP-9200 Rev2 Atmel
4T 180MHz 32M 16M - 1E,3S,UH,UD,20D,SPI,SD Yes Linux 2.6.x.x -
DNP/SK23 - - - - - - SD LCD(4x16Ch),4K - - - -
ADNP-9200 Rev2 Atmel
4T 180MHz 64M 16/32M - 2E,3S,UH,UD,20D,CF Yes Linux 2.6.x.x -
DNP/SK27 - - - - - - SD LCD(128x64,T6963C),4K - - - -
Eddy CPU by System Base
Eddy CPU V2.5 ARM9G20 _ 400MHz 32M 8M _ 1E,4S,UH,UG,56D Yes Linux 2.6 -
IGEPv2 Board
IGEPv2 Board Rev C TI OMAP3530 A8 600MHz 4G 4G SD 1E,1S,UH,UG,WiFi,BT,DVI-D Yes Linux 2.6 -
Open Moko
GTA02 - Samsung 2442B
4T 400-500MHz 128M 256+2MB
Open Risc by Vision Systems
ALEKTO - ARM922T 4T 166Mhz 64M 4M CF 2E,2S,8D,2 UH,MiniPCI,TWI ??? Debian 2.4 2.2.2 native OK
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Model B Broadcom
BCM 2835
v6T 700MHz 256M SD/MMC-Card - 1E,1S,2UH,??? Yes Linux ? -
US-Version - Marvell
5TE 800M-1G 512M 512M - 1EG,1S,UH,SD,2L,TWI Yes Linux 2.6.x.x -
SheevaPlug at CCC for very detailed information (German)

Shortcuts for Column 'I/O'

  • nS Serial Ports
  • nE Ethernet Ports
  • nEG Ethernet Ports(Gigabit)
  • nD Digital I/O
  • nK Keys
  • nL Leds
  • UH USB Host
  • UD USB Device
  • CF CF interface

Part of the information is taken from the OpenWrt project.