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Need a particular feature? Set a price here, giving a short description, your name and email address. Hopefully, one or more people will contact you and you can arrange the terms of this development work.

Currently, Lazarus depends on volunteers to implement everything on it. Recently Lazarus popularity has increased a lot, and many commercial projects are being developed with it. The idea behind the Bounties is not to substitute the current Mantis bug system, where work will continue normally. The idea is to provide a new development mechanism where commercial application developers can receive professional support and at the same time be able to contribute back to the community.

If there is no one interested in your bounty, it's probably because the price is too low. Also, try to keep all bounties above 50 dollars. Below that it usually won't be worth the time investigating the problem. Please also date your bounties. This way at some point we can weed out really old ones.


  • Make Lazarus hello world work on PamOS 5 Garnet. $1000 Contact (20190617)
  • Implement a new feature. Please make a budget Contact (20180110)

Multi-platform bounties

> floating point (single precision) -> 16bit half float conversion functions ( -> to be placed in some math unit for everyone etc)

i have example code, but it contains a bug that throws an error with some input. looking for someone who is better than me at this stuff . there are plenty of examples in C / C++ .. the example i have is a Delphi translation from the openEXR library (but has a bug i can't squash!) ill pay you more than you ask for (we can discuss). if you are Linux friendly , i may be able to pay you to get my windows code running smoothly (lossless HDR image compression software)

contact: to discuss

2D,3D Graph

Offering $500 bounty for a GNU-Plot/Matlab like 2D and 3D graph/plotter that has the following properties

  • IPC command controlled (Not Console). Will provide more info etc.
  • Fully compatible with GNU Octave commands such as plot,plot3, loglog, semilogx, semilogy, mesh, contour, contourf, etc.
  • GNU plot source code translation into Pascal/Lazarus is acceptable
  • allows Mouse Controls (Zoom in/out, reset, drag, 3D rotate etc)
  • allows adding text, arrows, legend, simple shapes with transparency
  • allows exporting to BMP
  • works on windows (32/64), linux (32/64) and mac.
  • Can use Lazarus Charting component for 2D.

Contact m m a b _ at h o t m a i l dot c o m

ExtDesigner, ExtJS, ExtDirect Demo

Need the help of someone who is familiar with ExtJS to create a demo along this line that does the following:

1. Login session (users/passwords/emails will be stored in text file).

2. On successful login, show a form with 2 tabs: a). First tab displays user grid (username, password, email), delete record, edit record, add record. Changes will be made to user text file. Similarly, changes made to the user test file will be automatically updated on the grid. b). Second tab displays a checkbox, a textfield, a date/timefield, and a pair of radio buttons, with values taken from an .ini file. Users can edit the fields, submit changes and cancel changes. On submit changes, commit changes to .ini file. Similarly, changes made to the .ini file will be automatically updated on the tab.

3. Logout session.

Code should be commented for me (a novice) to understand. Frontend GUI should be created using ExtDesigner and you need to screen record to show how you create the GUI using ExtDesigner and link it to the backend FPC using ExtDirect.

Code will be open source and can be attributed to the author. Bounty: US$150. Pay by Paypal. Contact: joshualimming at gmail dot com (2012/01/29)

System wide hotkey

Hook keyboard on Linux/OSX US $20/Paypal Source would be donated to FreePascal as there is nothing there yet. Contact: alistair.3ns at gishpuppy dot com (2011/03/16)

IDE Enhancements

1.) If a path is added in the Compiler-Options of a project then add the path as a relative path instead of an absolute path. $20 (2008/07/16)

2.) If in the MessageView the sentence "Can't find unit XYZ" is displayed, it should be possible to doubleclick onto the word "XYZ" and this would open the "FindInFiles" dialog. $20 Solved by Mattias.

Contact: sam_solver_AT_yahoo(dot)com

Windows bounties

Component property (100 USD)

  • for fixing bug #12111 ( ) - Fix Lazarus watch-list (debug window) show component property correctly.
  • Fix Cltr+F5 function, it do not work (Lazarus 1.6 r51630 FPC 3.0.0 i386-win32-win32/win64)

More info in Lazarus forum:,35758.30.html

100 USD/Paypal

Contact: Lazarus forum (lgrfbs)lgrfbs Lazarus forum profil (2017/02/25)

Gtk3 bounties

Windows CE bounties

Offer 300€: Lazarus that support Windows CE 6.0 AMD i486 (with documentation on wiki) Contact: Lazarus forum : filou (2018/07/25)

Android bounties


macOS bounties

Carbon bounties

None - Widgetset is deprecated. Apple has removed Carbon from Catalina and later operating system versions.

Cocoa bounties


iOS bounties


Qt bounties


fpGUI bounties


Linux bounties


Closed bounties

These are examples of successfully concluded bounties, bounties that have been withdrawn/expired and bounties that have been overcome by events.

TImageList on macOS (Cocoa)

Interested in getting TImageList working on macOS, Cocoa widget set, if it is not working. I don't know how much work will be required so discuss price with me based on what work will be required! Please contact b o u n t y at z 5 0 5 dot c o m Overtaken by events (now works in Cocoa).

CEF3 Chromium Embedded On MacOSX

Status update: bounty accepted by skalogryz (thanks!) for $500.00. Service from skalogryz so far has been exceptional, and very prompt.

I noticed the current fp CEF3 (chromium embedded) web browser component seems to only support Linux/Windows or qt/gtk. Anyone interested in porting to MacOSX ? What would be your cost? You decide... I would like CEF3 working on MacOSX and my time is limited to do it myself (and I am not so familiar with MacOSX programming) so if anyone interested please contact b o u n t y at z 5 0 5 dot c o m (without spaces) There is some macosx code written for firemonkey by TMS software for sample if it helps, but firemonkey is different than LCL. However it could help looking at existing macosx code already written even if a different firemonkey based system.

Windows 8 64bit Pro (Full/Upgrade)

I'm looking to better Lazarus on Windows 8 (64bit). I realize it just came out and it may be not worth the time to run (even in a virtual-box).

I'm offering a few serious Lazarus core developers a copy of windows 8 so they can have it to run and test and improve Lazarus.

The only thing I want is

 1: fcl-db components present (currently missing postgresql).
 2: Install path with space like "Program Files" and be able to Build Projects.  
    If the problem is out of scope - clearly identify problem areas and their
    external projects.

Email me for acceptance, I will buy and drop-ship you the cd. You retain license for your time. Win8 Pro Upgrade or Win8 Pro Full.

Andrew Brunner (

FCL-DB components are present in current Lazarus trunk On r43334 (and some time before that), PostgreSQL components are available for 64 bit Windows, so no need to look into that. Haven't checked Laz 1.2RC1; it might well be there as well. --BigChimp 08:23, 17 November 2013 (CET)

TScrollBox on macOS (Cocoa)

Interested in getting scrollbox working on macOS, for Cocoa widget set. Contact b o u n t y at z 5 0 5 dot c o m skalogryz will likely accept for $300.00!

Optimizations for FPC/Lazarus

  • $50 Bounty for accelerating Gaussian blur 10275 Issue # 10275. Martin Friebe won this bounty (for optimizing code, not compiler) and donated the amount to the Lazarus project.


  • $200 from Chris Rorden to fix sizing issues described in Issue #36942. Specifically, autolayout of GTK3 widgets. Problems are illustrated by sample prooject Note that Widgets positioned to right of TSpinEdit do not account for width of spinners, TButtons where AutoSize does not equal true are overlapped. In the sample project, pressing the 'Options' button to show/hide groupboxes has unintended sizing consequences. Anton Kavalenka fixed this and donated bounty to the Free Pascal and Lazarus foundation
  • $100 from Chris Rorden to fix user interface issues described in Issue #36942. Specifically, controls like the TTrackBar are frozen in the sample project Resizing the form allows the user to interact with the widgets correctly. However, they should work robustly when the form is first displayed. Juha Manninen fixed this and donated bounty to the Free Pascal and Lazarus foundation


Linux libwebsockets headers

I'm offering $500 for the port of libwebsockets headers to FPC, with a small example of use in FPC published on the wiki. Contact cmarcp at gmail dot com (Work done, will publish the results when tutorial is ready). Completed by Dmitry.

macOS Cocoa

Sphere 10 Software is offering USD $3000 for a completed Cocoa widget implementation. The deliverable will require a demo application (with source) that allows user to review and test every standard lazarus widget. This must work with both 32bit and 64bit applications on macOS. Please contact Herman if you have any questions. The bounty was cancelled, due to lost interest in the further Cocoa development from the offering party.

Windows - Reparent Forms (100€)

I'd like to spend another 100€ for anyone who manages to reparent a form with a specified owner (data module) to a given parent window handle (HWnd). In Delphi this is pretty simple (ParentWindow := NewParentWindowHandle), but it is not working properly in Lazarus. The form should be reparented completely (incl. accepting keyboard/mouse input and such). The solution should work on several platforms (i.e. no direct call to the WinAPI or such, this should be handled by the LCL) The code will be used for my open source project "Delphi ASIO & VST Packages" to make them usable with Lazarus (planned for version 1.5).

The bounty has been assigned to Paul Ishenin and has been completely implemented. It is now up to me and the users of this open source project to verify if everything is working as expected.

Fixing bug #7182 Problems using LCL in DLL - $100

$100 for fixing bug #7182 (, Problems using LCL in DLL. Contact oleg_3630 at

FastReport to LazReport report porting Jesus Reyes earned u$ 300 developing a Lazarus unit to translate FastReport reports to LazReport. The unit has been added to the Lazarus repository.

GTK2 clipping rect error

Paul Ishenin earned $50 for fixing a bug with GTK2 (Clipping rect of newly created bitmap was invalid). He then donated these funds to the Lazarus PayPal account.

Small Fix for Linux x86_64 IDE

Carbon Components

  • Tombo earned $600 US for developing new Carbon components including TSpinEdit, TFloatSpinEdit, TSpeedButton
  • Tombo earned $50.00 US for extending LazRGBGraphics to support the QT widgetset - offered by rorden at

Small Windows Bugs

Apache modules - €300

  • Apache modules header translation and basic example. Awarded to Sekelsenmat.
FPC and Apache Modules

Making paszlib zipper Mac/Unix compatible

Tom G. earned 100 EUR for making the paszlib zipper Mac/Unix compatible. The zipper in paszlib(TUnZipper.UnzipAllFiles) had no support for symbolic links, did not set executable bits of unzipped executable files, did not support directories, and raised a CRC exception. Thanks Tom for fixing this! - offered by Grau GbR (

Make TListView "Virtual"

Dmitry B. (aka skalogryz) earned 200 EUR for making the Win32 and Carbon TListView implementations "virtual" - before that, TListView was not 100% Delphi compatible - the ability to set OwnerData=true together with an OnData Event-Handler was missing ( Thanks Dmitry for fixing this! - offered by Grau GbR (

bug 15768

Paul Ishenin earned $300 for fixing an access violation produced when raising an exception (any exception) in a safecall method for the x64 compiler (bug 15768). Bounty was offered by Dmitry Streblechenko.

Tprocess CTRL+C or CTRL + Break support

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho earned pay $100 (USD) to implement a solution for sending an interrupt signal to a process started using TProcess (CTRL+C or CTRL+Break). Offered by mmab_ @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Fuzzy Hash

Jeppe Johansen earned $400 for porting and optimising ssdeep in freepascal, offered by Marc Pertron (cmarcp (at) g mail(dot)com

Fix Gtk bug - $10

Issue #11906 Contact This bug was marked closed in 2009.

RTL for Symbian phones - $1000

Create an RTL for Symbian phones (FPC for ARM already exists).

  • Include a very simple GUI app (like this one for PocketPC).
  • Needed for Symbian UIQ 2 and 3 at least.
  • Bounty $1000, open for negotiation if Series 60/80/90 supported.
  • Contact bounty (at)

Resolution: The work was too large, the platform changed too fast and now the entire Symbian is deprecated, so the work was not successful.

Lazarus Widgetset for Android

Lazarus Widgetset that supports Android

US $100/Paypal

Contact: Lazarus forum (indianajones)

Resolution: Initial work successfully concluded. Further work underway.

Android OpenGL ES demo

I would like a OpenGL ES demo (just a spinning triangle would do), written in Free Pascal for Android (without Lazarus).US $100.00/Paypal Contact: admin _at_ sushiquest .dot. net

Resolution: Bounty claimed by Felipe

External process automation

I'm really interested in solving the general case of automating a command line application (cross-platform) that has some level of prompting/user interaction. Full details on the lazarus forum I'll offer a bounty of US$500 for solution that:

  • allows invocation of an arbitrary command line application
  • catches all textual output (stdout and stderr)
  • catches or somehow detects applications raising prompts
  • allows sending a response to prompts and continuing execution
  • doesn't create a visible cli/xterm console window
  • works on linux, mac and windows platforms (64 bit)

The ultimate test is that a Lazarus program can automate a command line tool such as ftp or git, including sudo prompts on linux - or even create a terminal/console app.



Bounty paid to: skalogryz