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(Compiling the Carbon Interface)
(Compiling the Carbon Interface)
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*Set Tools>Configure "Build Lazarus"> to
*Set Tools>Configure "Build Lazarus"> to
and add this to your 'Options':
and add this to your 'Options':
-k-framework -kcarbon
-k-framework -kcarbon

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What you need

The Carbon widgetset is in an early stage of development. A fully functional Lazarus IDE on Mac OS X is strongly recommended. For instructions see Installing Lazarus on Mac OS X.

Getting a carbonproof Lazarus

  • Start Lazarus. The IDE will start with a new project with an empty form. Save this project under a name of your choice. In the following examples we assume this to be /Users/<yourUsername>/pascal/test/project1.lpi

Compiling the Carbon Interface

We now assume your Lazarus directory is located at /Users/<yourUsername>/pascal/lazarus/

  • Start Lazarus.
  • Set Environment>Environment Options>Files>Lazarus Directory to /Users/<yourUsername>/pascal/lazarus/
  • Set Tools>Configure "Build Lazarus"> to


and add this to your 'Options': -k-framework -kcarbon This will prevent unresolved symbols (Carbon-symbols like _ActivateWindow) while linking lazarus.

  • Tools>Build Lazarus -- This will compile the Carbon Interface and put the .ppu files into /Users/<yourUsername>/pascal/lazarus/lcl/units/powerpc-darwin and /Users/<yourUsername>/pascal/lazarus/lcl/units/powerpc-darwin/carbon

Your first native Carbon App

Compiler Options

Set Project > Compiler Options > Paths > LCL Widget Type to carbon

Set Project > Compiler Options > Linkink > Options Check Pass Options to the Linker

and type in the edit field:

-framework carbon


You should now be able to compile the project without errors. It will create an executable project1, but you can not focus it. That's because Mac OS X expects some hidden resource files.

Creating the Apple Resource files

There is a tool to create these files.

Open /Users/<yourUserName>/pascal/lazarus/components/macfiles/examples/createmacapplication.lpi in the IDE. Compile.

Open a Terminal of your choice. Type:

cd /Users/<yourUserName>/pascal/project1/
/Users/<yourUserName>/pascal/lazarus/components/macfiles/examples/createmacapplication project1
ln -s ../../../project1 project1.app/Contents/MacOS/project1

Now you can start the program via its Finder icon or in the native Mac OS Terminal via ./project1.app/Contents/MacOS/project1

Carbon interface internals

If you want to help improving the carbon interface, see here

Carbon interface internals