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Compiling the Cocoa Interfaces

1 - Download PasCocoa from subversion

Instructions here: PasCocoa#Subversion

2- Add the path to PasCocoa to your fpc.cfg file

In a standard installation this file will be located in: /etc/fpc.cfg

Please add the the end of this file the following (remember to adapt it to the paths in your system!):

# Search path for Cocoa bindings

Since the file is write protected, only administrator accounts will be able to edit it. It is also possible to have a local fpc.cfg file. For more information google or ask in the mailling list.

3 - Compile a test PasCocoa project

In Lazarus, open /Users/felipe/Programas/lazarus-ccr/bindings/pascocoa/example/statusitem/statusitem.lpi (or similar acording to your local paths) and build the project.

This should guarantee that PasCocoa was installed correctly and create the .o files for it.

4 - Compile LCL-Cocoa

In Lazarus go to the Tools-->Configure Build Lazarus menu. Go to advanced, set everything to NONE and only LCL to clean+build, set the widgetset to Cocoa and push the Build button.

You can now build LCL-Cocoa applications by setting the target widgetset to cocoa in the Compiler Options dialog of your projects.


Located here: Roadmap#Status_of_features_on_each_widgetset