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DMath is a mathematical library for Delphi and Free Pascal, written natively in Pascal.

It includes routines for:

  • Elementary functions
  • Special functions
  • Probability distributions
  • Linear algebra
  • Optimisation
  • Polinomials
  • Numerical integration and differential equations
  • Fourier transform
  • Random numbers
  • Statistics
  • Linear regression
  • Multilinear regression and principal component analysis
  • Nonlinear regression with a library of non-linear regression models
  • Complex numbers and functions
  • Fractals and chaos
  • Expression parsing
  • Graphical functions

Author: Jean Debord, Laboratoire de Pharmacologie, Faculté de Médecine, Limoges, France

License: LGPL 2.0


Overall, it is rather complete system for numeric methods.

The library is supplied as a collection of pascal units which can be directly linked into an application with uses clause. Alternatively, code for the generation of a dynamically linked library is included in the package.

Comprehensive user's guide documenting all functions is included into the package.

The package includes also example applications which demonstrate how to use every function in the library. These examples exist for console, BGI graphic and GUI implementations.

Current status

Seems that the library is not developing since 2012. However, it is already rather complete system. The library uses mostly standard features of Pascal language with few extension of Object Pascal. Hence, it schould be compatible with almost every modern and future Pascal implementation.

Recently, LMath library was forked from DMath with the purpose to continue development of the library and organize it in the packages for easier integration in Lazarus.

External References

Official site of the library

LMath, further development of DMath