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A DOS (8086) cross compiler is currently being developed in FPC trunk (the development version). It started as a hobby project meant to explore how to port FPC to a new platform.

The amount of (FPC on) DOS users is probably quite low, especially since there is an FPC compiler for the more capable GO32v2 DOS extender available which runs on 80886+ processors.


The compiler has not yet been enabled as a CPU/OS target in FPC.exe.

Please update/extend this page as more details become available.


The compiler is a cross compiler that runs on Windows? x86?. For compiling, it needs

  • the OpenWatcom linker?


The DOS platforms brings some limitations, like

  • no simple way of pre-emptive multitasking.
  • it is unlikely the Lazarus LCL GUI will be ported to the DOS environment