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Here I keep some notes about which Delphi units are not or not completely supported by FPC/Lazarus.

If you know in what version they were added don't hesitate to annotate them with D6+ or so.

Strutils - Large parts done, but not very optimal. (further improvement done post 2.0.0, lots of extensions too)

dateutils - Looks reasonably complete

convutils - Basic unit convert functions implemented. Couldn't find much docs on the net about this unit.

Masks - (TExprParser?) Don't know what this does, but it is missing.

dbcommon - missing, but maybe this is stuff factored out from unit db.

variants - implemented, but a lot of the wrapper classes ( TPublishablevarianttype, TInvokablevarianttype etc) are either not existing, or have a lot of missing methods.

sqltimst - doesn't exist