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Below you can find a list of new features introduced since the previous release, along with some background information and examples. Note that since svn trunk is by definition still under development, some of the features here may still change before they end up in a release version.

All systems


Delphi-like namespaces units

  • Overview: Support has been added for unit names with dots.
  • Notes: Delphi-compatible.
  • More information: Unit names with dots creates namespace symbols which always have a precedence over unit names while an identifier search.

Dynamic array constructors

  • Overview: Support has been added for constructing dynamic arrays with class-like constructors.
  • Notes: Delphi-compatible.
  • More information: Only constructor name 'CREATE' is valid for dynamic arrays.
  • Examples: SomeArrayVar := TSomeDynArrayType.Create(value1, value2)

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