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This Page is intended to collect ideas for features that could be included in Lazarus. Putting an idea here does not mean it WILL be put into Lazarus. It's just a place to gather ideas. Think of this as more of a wishlist.

Also another place to log feature requests is here: [Lazarus Bugtracker]


Features that could be included in the IDE


Global Variable/Method renaming

Proper renaming (as in if I rename a field in an object it can change everything that uses it but NOT other stuff that happens to have the same name) -Plugwash

What is wrong with the current implementation? Vincent 23:07, 13 Feb 2006 (CET)

Parameter Renaming in Methods

adding a parameter to a method (and updating everything that uses it) -Plugwash

Encapsulating Fields

though thats not really needed in object pascal because object pascal has properties but its vital in cleaning up thrown together java. -Plugwash

Create/Free objects

Declare an object myObj:TMyClass into a TForm class an type some Ctrl-Shift-Key, then the IDE adds a line myObj:=TMyClass.Create in FormCreate and myObj.Free in FormDestroy. -Rednaxel


Components that are possible to make that will work across all platforms supported by Lazarus



Help system for apps created by Laz! Either a cross-platform help system or some way of using the OS's native help system.