Free Pascal supported targets

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Free Pascal supported targets

Here's a list of all targets that are supported by the Free Pascal compiler. They are classified into five groups.

Main targets

These targets are fully supported, do have their own installer and are included into all releases.

  • Linux - i386 (tar and rpm-releases)
  • Linux - x86_64 (tar and rpm-releases)
  • Dos - go32v2
  • OS/2 - i386

Full supported targets

These targets are fully supported, do have their own installer but might be missing in some releases.

  • Win32 - i386
  • Win64 - x86_64
  • WinCE - ARM (cross compiled from win32-i386)
  • Linux - powerpc
  • Linux - sparc
  • Linux - ARM
  • Mac OS X/Darwin for Intel (32 and 64 bit)
  • Mac OS X/Darwin for PowerPC (32 and 64 bit)
  • FreeBSD - i386
  • FreeBSD - x86_64
  • MorphOS for PowerPC
  • Commodore Amiga for m68k (68020+ only at the moment)
  • AROS on i386

Self-build supported targets

These targets are supported but are not distributed with their own installer. The compiler has to be self-build.

  • iOS - ARM
  • iOS - iPhoneSimulator
  • Android - ARM
  • Android - i386
  • Android - MIPS

Unsupported but probably working targets

These targets are no officially supported, but there is at least one person working on them.

  • NativeNT - i386

Unsupported, abandoned targets

These targets did work some day, but not anymore. Or someone started on them, but they were never completed.

  • Netware - i386
  • Legacy MacOS (v9 and below) - PowerPC
  • EMX - i386 (binaries working on both OS/2 and DOS with EMX extender)
  • DOS with Watcom extender