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Vue d'ensemble

En travaillant sur lazarus, certaines directives de conception devoir être prise en compte.Pour empêcher une diversité de styles et assurer la clarté des dialogues . Cet article essaye de récapituler ces directives pour vous aider dans la conception. Il y a également un tas de captures d'écran , dessin-modèle et information de dialogue disponible .


What you need to keep in mind is the cross-platform nature of Lazarus. If you make all the changes you suggest, the text on the buttons won't be visible in most standard GTK+ themes, or there will be other problems. I fully support the idea of some tweaks like this, but it should be tested in Linux, Win32 and even in MAC (you guys are running it in MAC already, right?) before it's committed. -Tony Maro

That's the only way to do it ;). I have patches of the different dialogs and I would encourage people to test them and post screenshots here. - Darius