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A game engine is a library that simplifies creation of games. It could include any and all functionality from the following:

  • just creating easy-to-use wrappers over system interfaces such as graphics API
  • user control inputs and audio (SDL, ZenGL)
  • adding additional interfaces to create and control the game content environment (as e.g. done by Castle Game Engine)

You can read more here

Game Engines

Here's a list of game engines that are Pascal/Delphi based or have Pascal binding libraries.

Name Site Usage Notes
SDL Bindings
GLScene FPC/Delphi It's not really a game engine, but rather 3D rendering engine.
Castle Game Engine FPC
ZenGL FPC/Delphi
Quad-Engine Delphi
nxPascal Delphi
Dan Jet X (Rus) Delphi Alive?
Andorra 2D Delphi
CAST II Game Engine Delphi Alive? last update 2011
Delphi X Delphi
Afterwarp FPC/Delphi
Allegro Bindings Allegro-pas
Phoenix FPC/Delphi
Brtech1 FPC Not really available as an engine or library. Many videos can be found on youtube though.
GameMaker: Studio N/A Yes, it's not really a game engine library. But it's a game engine and studio written in Delphi. Special Pascal proud.

Pascal Ported Games

This list contains ported games and libraries. You can still use these for development, however there might be some legal issues on their actual usage.

Name Site Usage Notes
Delphi Doom Delphi Doom Delphi Feeling nostalgia :)
Quake to Delphi Sourceforge

Old Version

Delphi Sourcefoge is the active one. The old-site appears to be quite dead now. Though the source code can still be downloaded.
Quake II Delphi (Quake 2 Delphi) Delphi
Civilization 2 Delphi It was spotted on the forum back in 2009. The engine used is not the original Civilization II engine. So as long as graphical resources are different, it's quite good TBS engine.


Games written with Free Pascal. Currently active projects commercial or closed source. Some more here.

Name Site Open Source Notes
Diablo Rougelike Yes
Doom Rougelike No
HedgeWars Yes
Project "W" No
Scrabble 3D Yes
UltraStar Deluxe Yes

Physics Engines

These engines simulate the physical world (collisions, trajectories etc). Not really game engines per se, but could certainly be used in games.

Name Site Usage Notes
TundAx thundax-delphi-physics-engine FPC/Delphi
Newton Bindings
Box2D-Delphi box2d-delphi FPC/Delphi This is Delphi implementation of Box2d library