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This article applies to GTK+ Widgetsets only.

See also: Multiplatform Programming Guide


Gtk+3.0 bindings are being developed in the Lazarus-ccr

They are based on the headers from gtk+3.8.6 which can be downloaded here:


The current result can be found in the Lazarus-CCR at this svn address:

 svn checkout svn:// gtk3


 svn checkout gtk3

Or you can browse the files here

These files were generated with gir2pascal which should be updated to generate correct bindings if errors are found.


My simple program crashes immediately

You probably need to include the Math unit and put


before gtk_init.

Where is class X

Some classes have been deprecated in Gtk3 and the generator skips deprecated classes and functions.

Some functions are missing like g_signal_connect

Many functions are actually c macros and are unavailable in the introspection files. In the case of g_signal_connect it is a macro around g_signal_connect_data.

Where are GtkHbox and GtkVBox

In Gtk 3 GtkHBox and GtkVBox are combined in GtkBox. In gtk_box_new you specifiy an orientation.