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If you add a text attachment for the bug report (source code or project sample), please use Zip, GZip or Tar.GZip archives.
If you add source code or project sample attachments for the bug report, please compress them using preferably Zip, GZip or Tar.GZip archives.
Please don't use Rar, 7zip or other archives for bug reporting, since most modern OSes usually need 3d party software to unpack them.  

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You found a bug in Lazarus and you want to report it to the developers. This page tells you how to do that.

The FreePascal bug reporting procedure is similar to the one described here.

Lazarus code compilation errors

If you have errors when compiling code from latest SVN revision, please contact the Mailing list or better join #lazarus-ide IRC channel on irc.freenode.net. Then the problem should be solved more promptly.

Check if the bug is not already reported

  1. Use the search field in View Issues. Hint: The searching is not smart: e.g. if you have a problem using TEdit.SelStart, search for "SelStart".

If the issue is already reported:

  • reopen it, if the bug report has been resolved or closed - use Reopen Issue button
  • add a note, if you have reproduced this bug in a different situation than reported
  • you can set the system to monitor changes in this bug report - use Monitor Issue button

Note: you need to be logged in to perform these operations, see section #Logging/Creating new account.

Enter the bug in the Lazarus Bug Tracker

  1. Go to Lazarus bug tracker
  2. You need to be logged in, see section #Logging/Creating new account
  3. Go to the Report Issue page. Fill in as much as you can and know. The more specific, the better.
    • Important fields are the OS and Product fields and the steps to reproduce this issue. If an issue cannot be reproduced by the developers, they cannot start to fix it! Do not forget to mention your specific architecture/configuration (32 or 64 bit, little or big endian if both are possible on your platform, version of your operating system).
    • If possible, please upload a small test application that shows the bug. This will likely speed up a fix.
    • If there is some graphical error, it is useful to upload a (partial) screenshot (in png or jpeg, not bmp format).
    • If it is a crash, try to create a backtrace. See Creating a Backtrace with GDB for more info.
    • You can try to reproduce the bug on as many different platforms as you can - it helps to determine if it is widget specific issue.
    • If you have a possible solution, you can add a patch - see Creating A Patch, which will speed up the process.
    • You can boost fixing the bug by submitting a bounty, see Bounties.

The following page contains good tips about How to Report Bugs Effectively.

Logging in/Creating new account

You need to be logged in to edit or submit bug reports. If you are logged in as guest, you need to log out first (Guests cannot make reports, only watch them). If you already have an account, go to the login page, otherwise create a new account on the sign up page.


If you add source code or project sample attachments for the bug report, please compress them using preferably Zip, GZip or Tar.GZip archives.