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Contributing to Lazarus

The Lazarus project is run by volunteers. They do not ask money for using Lazarus. There are many ways to contribute to Lazarus.

Contribute money

From time to time people ask if they can contribute financially to Lazarus. One of the possibilities is to offer a bounty. The Lazarus team also has a PayPal account that you can use to donate USD or euros. To minimize overhead, the PayPal account is set on the name of one of the Lazarus team members, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho. The current PayPal fees are $0.30 + 3.9% for payments in US Dollars and €0.35 + 1.9% for payments in euros.

You might also consider to donate to the Free Pascal and Lazarus foundation.


The Lazarus team uses your donations to help development and spread the word of Lazarus, for example by buying servers and creating material for conferences.

Planned expenditures

  • Replacement of the hardware of the server that hosts this wiki, the Lazarus snapshots and the FPC FTP server and mailing lists.
  • The Lazarus Season of Code
  • Travel Visas. Core developers which travel to FPC / Lazarus developer meetings may request a full refund of the costs to acquire a visa to the destination.

Actual expenditures

  • New Free Pascal Server - April 2010 - EUR 404