IDE Window: Choose Key Mapping Scheme

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The Tools > Options > Editor > Key Mappings Dialog allows you to choose the preset key mapping schemes for hotkeys in the IDE.

Presets exist for:

  • Lazarus default: this is "Windows" preset on Windows/Linux, and "macOS (Apple style)" on macOS
  • Classic: preset with hotkeys similar to Borland's IDE
  • macOS, Apple style: preset with hotkeys modelled on Apple Xcode
  • macOS, Lazarus style: preset based on "Apple style" with some keys overridden (eg "Goto line start/end")
  • Default adapted to macOS: this is "Windows" preset adapted to macOS, so that all keys "Ctrl" are replaced to "Meta" (for example, Ctrl+O becomes Meta+O)

For a detailed explanation of the preset key mapping schemes, see Lazarus IDE Shortcuts.