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This is part of the online help for the IDE.
It describes the section: "Editor" / "Display". You can open the described dialog in your IDE via:

  • The menu: "Tools" => "Options" / Editor options ...
  • The source-editor pop-up menu: "Editor properties ...




Margin and gutter

  • Visible right margin - show the right margin line
  • Visible gutter - show the left bar
  • Show line numbers - show line numbers in the gutter
  • Show overview gutter - show the right bar (see IDE Window: Editor Options Display Gutter)
  • Every n-th line number - fine tune the above 'Show line numbers' option
  • Right margin color - position in characters
  • Gutter separator index - define where the vertical separator line is drawn. A value of 4 means right between gutter and text. -1 means do not draw it at all.

Default editor font

  • Font name - Can be as simple as 'courier' or as complicated as '-adobe-courier-medium-r-normal-*-*-140-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1' under gtk/X.
  • Editor font height
  • Extra line spacing - extra space between lines in pixels.
  • Disable anti-aliasing

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Markup and Matches

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