IDE Window: Evaluate/Modify

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You must setup the debugger and start the project to debug it. Only then will this window be useful.




Evaluates the given expression
When the new values is set, it assigns the new value to the expression. The expression can only be a property or a variable. (Read notes on "New Value")
Add the expression to the watch list
Show the variable inspector for the expression. The expression can only be a property or a variable.
Use Instance class type
Objects are normally shown according to the declaration of the watched expression. Evaluating "Sender: TObject" will only show you data, that is declared in TObject. However object variables can contain objects of inherited classes. Sender may be a TForm. Using this the debugger will find the actual class of the object and display all data.


Enter the expression to be evaluated/modified/watched/inspected here
The result of the evaluation. If the evaluation of the expression failed, an error message is shown.
New Value
The new value you want to use for a variable or property.

Important note on "New Value":

You should not attempt to modify "managed" types (strings, dynamic-array). This will lead to memory corruption.
There is currently no safety check in place. So you must ensure this yourself.