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The todo list shows the list of ToDo comments of all project units.

Til Lazarus 1.6 it only searched the units listed in the project inspector. Since 1.7 it searches all used units (i.e. lpr uses section) too.

Make comments in source-code like these:

{TODO -oOwnerName -cCategoryName: Todo_text}
{DONE -oOwnerName -cCategoryName: Todo_text}
{#todo -oOwnerName -cCategoryName: Todo_text}
{#done -oOwnerName -cCategoryName: Todo_text}
{ ToDo: Todo_text}
// ToDo: Todo_text
(* ToDo: Todo_text *)

The -o and -c tags are optional.



  • Refresh: Search again all files for ToDo comments and update the list.
  • Goto: Jump to the item in the source editor.
  • Export: Make report of todo items in a CSV file.
  • Add source editor units: When enabled, scan the units in the source editor as well.


  • Double click to jump to the item in the source editor.