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This page is an attempt to record all the news stories about Free Pascal and Lazarus. I say "an attempt" because it will undoubtedly fail and be consigned to the dustbin of history if no-one contributes news stories that they know of or stumble across. It is not something which any one individual can do alone. It takes a community. As the longest journey begins with the first step, here is that first step.


22 September
TMS FNC UI Pack v3.2 Revealing some highly anticipated components
We already have an extensive set of powerful and feature-rich UI controls in our TMS FNC UI Pack we’ve added 5 new components which were requested by you, our community of great developers who see the enormous advantages of components that can be used on VCL, TMS Web Core, FMX and Lazarus with just one code base. Full story.
19 September
Castle Game Engine -- PASCAL LIVES!!!
Today we are taking a look at the long running Castle Game Engine, an engine I have been getting requests to cover for years now. This is an Object Pascal (using the Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal Compiler) based 2D/3D open source game engine. Gamefromscratch YouTube video.
4 September
Top 10 Programming Languages that Pay Handsome Salaries in 2020
Report by Vivek Kumar
Permalink in WayBackEngine
28 August
New in Delphi DAC - Support for the Latest Versions of Lazarus and FPC
We are excited to announce that new versions of Delphi data access components are now generally available. All DAC products received support for the latest versions of Lazarus (2.0.10) and Free Pascal Compiler (3.2.0). Full story: (broken URL because of anti-spam blocking).
20 August
The Lazarus Handbook has just been published
Full story.
19 August
Object Pascal examples for Firebird OO API
The aim of these examples is to copy as closely as possible the equivalent C++ examples. The primary intention is to demonstrate how to make calls to the new Firebird OO API. Full story.
20 July
Important - New SDL2 Repo!
The repository to get the newest, up to date, SDL2 units has changed. It can now be found here: Full story.
Pas2js with generics rocks (and makes Castle Game Engine for WebGL possible)
pas2js can translate modern Object Pascal to JavaScript, making it possible to run Pascal code in a WWW browser. In the past, pas2js didn’t support generics, which made porting CGE to it troublesome, as we use generics a lot. Full story.
11 July
Lazarus 2.0.10 released
This is a bug fix release that also features a small number of additions. It is the first Lazarus version based on FPC 3.2.0.
Official announcement in the Lazarus forum
Announcement at
24 June
Free Pascal Compiler 3.2.0 Released for AmigaOS & MorphOS
Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) is a compiler for the closely related programming language dialects Pascal and Object Pascal. It is free software released under the GNU License. It follows a write once, compile anywhere philosophy and is available for many CPU architectures and operating systems. Full story.
22 June
Release the pressure - Win16 support arrives for version 3.2 of Free Pascal
Great news, Pascal fans. After a lengthy hiatus, the cross-platform Free Pascal has emerged with an array of new features and new targets. Version 3.2.0 of Free Pascal has arrived in the 50th anniversary year of the Pascal language with new features and compiler targets, including Aarch64 and the venerable 16-bit Windows. Full story.
20 June
FPC 3.2 Pascal Compiler Released In 2020 - Even Adds Windows 3.0 16-bit Support
The Pascal programming language is 50 years old this year. The Free Pascal Compiler for Pascal / Object Pascal is out with version 3.2 to celebrate, five years since FPC's previous 3.0 stable series. Full story.
Habari Client libraries 2020.06
Habarisoft released version 2020.06 of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for Delphi and Free Pascal integration with popular free open source message brokers. Full story.
19 June
Free Pascal 3.2.0
On June 19th, 2020, the Free Pascal project released Free Pascal 3.2.0. This version is a major new release and contains bugfixes and updates packages, new features and new targets. From a DOS standpoint, the major highlights in this release are improved 16-bit DOS compiler, and a new 16-bit Win 3.x compiler. Full story.
29 May
This'll make you feel old - Uni compsci favourite Pascal hits the big five-oh this year
Pascal, a descendant of ALGOL 60 and darling of computer science courses for decades, turns 50 this year. Full story.
1 May
Blaise Pascal Magazine #86 published
Table of contents
17 April
Australian Delphi User Group - Melbourne Meeting
How Lazarus could be used with SQLite, Firebird, ODBC and MySQL in a very similar way to Delphi. The program could be built for a variety of platforms, even including Raspberry Pi. Full story.

17 February
Australian Delphi User Group - Melbourne Meeting
If you’re interested in a cross-platform alternative to Delphi, or you are concerned about Embarcadero’s redefinition of perpetual, you should take a look at Free Pascal. Full story

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