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这个页面尝试记录关于 Free Pascal 和 Lazarus 的所有的新闻专题报道。我之所以说是 "一次尝试" ,是因为如果没有人提供他们所知道的或偶然发现的新闻报道的话,它将会毫无疑问的失败,并被扔进历史的垃圾桶。它不是一个人可以独立完成的事。它需要一个社区。因为千里之行始于足下,而这里仅仅是第一步。


Lazarus 2.2.0 发布, FreePascal的开发环境
历经 3 年的开发,Lazarus 2.2.0 集成开发环境发布,基于 FreePascal 编译器 3.2.2 ... 完整的描述


作为测试用的 Lazarus 2.2 RC2 发布
你可以通过选择和测试这个发行候选版本来帮助改善即将到来的 Lazarus 2.2 (使用 FPC 3.2.2),完整的描述
InstallAware Software 发布了新的 InstallAware Multi-Platform,Launching Contest for Best Multi-Platform Installer Dialog Theme.
InstallAware Multi-Platform 是一个崭新的针对 Linux, macOS 和 Windows 操作系统的本机代码应用程序部署解决方案, 不依赖于 Java 或其它的脆弱的平台组件。 完整的描述
TMS FNC 的 Maps v2.0, TMS FNC 的 Core v2.6, TMS FNC 的 UI Pack v3.5
TMS FNC 的产品有了新的可用的更新,带有很多新的功能!跨平台 - Delphi 和 Lazarus. 完整的描述
作为测试用的 Lazarus 2.1 RC2 发布
你可以通过选择和测试这个发行候选版本来帮助改善即将到来的 Lazarus 2.2 (使用 FPC 3.2.2),完整的描述
Habarisoft 的 STOMP 客户端库
Habarisoft released new versions of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for integration with popular open source message brokers. Habari Client for ActiveMQ 6.10 – tested with Apache ActiveMQ 5.16.2; Habari Client for Artemis 6.10 – tested with ActiveMQ Artemis 2.17.0; Habari Client for OpenMQ 6.10 – tested with Eclipse GlassFish 6.0; Habari Client for RabbitMQ 6.10 – tested with RabbitMQ 3.8.17. Full details
如何在 Linux 上安装 Lazarus IDE
有兴趣为 Linux 开发图形用户界面 (GUI) 应用程序吗? 将 Lazarus 视为一个集成开发环境的 (IDE) 的选项。这篇文章将向你展示如何的流行的 Linux 发行版上安装 Lazarus IDE ,包括: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora 和 openSUSE。Lazarus 及其众多的组件,能够使你快速地为 Linux 设计和构建好看的 GUI 应用程序。完整的描述
Free Pascal 和 Lazarus 被添加得到法国政府推荐列表
Lazarus 和 Free Pascal 已经被添加得到法国政府的针对公共服务的自由和开源软件的推荐列表。Free Pascal 入口Lazarus 入口
Free Pascal 3.2.2 发布!
Free Pascal 3.2.2 是 3.2.x fixes 分支的一个次要发布版本,包括大部分的错误修复,以及所包含的软件包的一些更新。 一个新的目标aarch64-darwin也从 trunk中所向后移植。完整的描述
InstallAware Software's New InstallAware Multi-Platform uses Lazarus + Free Pascal
“We’re building on the shoulders of giants,” says Sinan Karaca, Founder of InstallAware Software. “Our existing Windows-native Delphi code forms are porting virtually seamlessly to macOS and Linux via the exciting cross platform Lazarus IDE, itself based on the cross platform Free Pascal compiler stack. The maturity of both these platforms are enabling our successes in bringing the very best InstallAware has to offer to Linux and macOS today, and an ever-growing number of native platforms tomorrow.” Full story
5 Great Raspberry Pi IDEs For Programmers and Students
Planning to learn to program on Raspberry Pi? These Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) all run on Raspberry Pi OS. Full details at MUO.
TRichView 19.2, ReportWorkshop 3.1 - Markdown导入,Adit数学引擎,列表样式类型、日历函数
Free Pascal 3.2.2-rc1 发布!
你可以通过下载和测试这此的发布版本来帮助改善即将到来的3.2.2版本。如果你想汇报你在Testers_3.2.2中或者在邮件列表中所完成的工作。可能会破会的向后兼容性的更改记录在用户更改3.2.2中. 可以从下载获得。这个版本的评估时间至少为两周,因此,在最后的发布版本生成分支前,将查看在评估期间的错误报告。
Pascal的50年,作者:Niklaus Wirth
现在可获取Lazarus可用 IBX 2.4.0
MWA Software很高兴宣布Lazarus版本的IBX 2.4.0版本。这个版本支持新的Firebird 4数据类型,并且已经在最新版本的Lazarus(2.0.12)和FPC(3.2.0)上进行测试。建议所有的用户升级到这个版本。可以从MWA Software下载获取。完整的描述.
PasDoc开发者发布PasDoc 0.16.0,一个Pascal文档生成器。It's a big release gathering lots of small and large features we made in the last ~3 years. There is also a new website and the source code has been moved to GitHub. 完整的描述.
Habarisoft released new versions of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for integration with popular open source message brokers: ActiveMQ 6.8 – tested with Apache ActiveMQ 5.16.0; Artemis 6.8 – tested with ActiveMQ Artemis 2.16.0; OpenMQ 6.8 – tested with Eclipse GlassFish 6.0.0; RabbitMQ 6.8 – tested with RabbitMQ 3.8.9 and 3.8.11. 20% discount (30% for upgrades; 70% if within last year) until 31 March, 2021. 完整的描述.
TRichView和ScaleRichView组件与Lazarus(32位和64位Windows系统)兼容。TRichView是一个高级的富文本编辑器;ScaleRichView是一个WYSIWYG(所见即所得)编辑器。 完整的描述


2020年12 December
Habarisoft STOMP client libraries
Habarisoft has announced the 2020.12 release of its STOMP client libraries for free open source message brokers. This release has been tested with the ActiveMQ 5.16.0, ActiveMQ Artemis 2.16.0, Eclipse OpenMQ 6.0.0-M1 and RabbitMQ 3.8.9 message brokers. 20% discount (30% for upgrades) before Jan 8, 2021. Full details.
22 October
Free Pascal hashlist race
Which hashlist is the fastest? And which one consumes the least amount of memory? Full story.
21 October
TMS FNC Maps v1.2 - cross platform - Delphi and Lazarus
Since the first release we have been working hard and only 4 months after the release, we pushed out an update (v1.1) for TMS FNC Maps with loads of exciting stuff. Now, we are here with another update (v1.2), that brings even more exciting features and a new service. Full story.
16 October
FPC expression evaluator
While working on debugging Free Pascal applications, I wrote a new library to evaluate Pascal expressions, using fcl-passrc. Full story.
11 October
Daraja HTTP Framework for Delphi and Free Pascal
Daraja is a flexible HTTP framework for Object Pascal, based on the HTTP server in the free open-source library Internet Direct (Indy). Full story.
23 September
Delphi 2009 GDI+ Library written by Erik van Bilsen ported to Lazarus
Full story.
22 September
TMS FNC UI Pack v3.2 Revealing some highly anticipated components
We already have an extensive set of powerful and feature-rich UI controls in our TMS FNC UI Pack we’ve added 5 new components which were requested by you, our community of great developers who see the enormous advantages of components that can be used on VCL, TMS Web Core, FMX and Lazarus with just one code base. Full story.
19 September
Castle Game Engine -- PASCAL LIVES!!!
Today we are taking a look at the long running Castle Game Engine, an engine I have been getting requests to cover for years now. This is an Object Pascal (using the Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal Compiler) based 2D/3D open source game engine. Gamefromscratch YouTube video.
4 September
Top 10 Programming Languages that Pay Handsome Salaries in 2020
Report by Vivek Kumar
Permalink in WayBackEngine
28 August
New in Delphi DAC - Support for the Latest Versions of Lazarus and FPC
We are excited to announce that new versions of Delphi data access components are now generally available. All DAC products received support for the latest versions of Lazarus (2.0.10) and Free Pascal Compiler (3.2.0). Full story: (broken URL because of anti-spam blocking).
针对Firebird OO API的Object Pascal示例
The aim of these examples is to copy as closely as possible the equivalent C++ examples. The primary intention is to demonstrate how to make calls to the new Firebird OO API. Full story.
20 July
Important - New SDL2 Repo!
The repository to get the newest, up to date, SDL2 units has changed. It can now be found here: Full story.
Pas2js with generics rocks (and makes Castle Game Engine for WebGL possible)
pas2js can translate modern Object Pascal to JavaScript, making it possible to run Pascal code in a WWW browser. In the past, pas2js didn’t support generics, which made porting CGE to it troublesome, as we use generics a lot. Full story.
Free Pascal编译器支持苹果Silicon M1处理器
Free Pascal编译器的trunk版本(svngit)现在支持苹果Silicon M1处理器,可以在MacBook Air, MacBook ProMac mini中新闻中找到。
Lazarus 2.0.10发布
This is a bug fix release that also features a small number of additions. It is the first Lazarus version based on FPC 3.2.0.
Official announcement in the Lazarus forum
Announcement at
针对AmigaOS和MorphOS的Free Pascal编译器3.2.0发布
Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) is a compiler for the closely related programming language dialects Pascal and Object Pascal. 它是在GNU许可证下发布的自由软件。It follows a write once, compile anywhere philosophy and is available for many CPU architectures and operating systems. Full story.
22 June
Release the pressure - Win16 support arrives for version 3.2 of Free Pascal
Great news, Pascal fans. After a lengthy hiatus, the cross-platform Free Pascal has emerged with an array of new features and new targets. Version 3.2.0 of Free Pascal has arrived in the 50th anniversary year of the Pascal language with new features and compiler targets, including Aarch64 and the venerable 16-bit Windows. Full story.
FPC编译器3.2.0版本发布于2020年 - 甚至添加Windows 3.0 16位的支持
Pascal编程语言今年已经有50年的历史了。 The Free Pascal Compiler for Pascal / Object Pascal is out with version 3.2 to celebrate, five years since FPC's previous 3.0 stable series. Full story.
Habari Client libraries 2020.06
Habarisoft released version 2020.06 of its Object Pascal STOMP client libraries for Delphi and Free Pascal integration with popular free open source message brokers. Full story.
Free Pascal 3.2.0
在2020年6月19日,Free Pascal项目发布了Free Pascal 3.2.0。This version is a major new release and contains bugfixes and updates packages, new features and new targets. From a DOS standpoint, the major highlights in this release are improved 16-bit DOS compiler, and a new 16-bit Win 3.x compiler. Full story.
29 May
This'll make you feel old - Uni compsci favourite Pascal hits the big five-oh this year
Pascal, a descendant of ALGOL 60 and darling of computer science courses for decades, turns 50 this year. Full story.
Blaise Pascal杂志 发布#86期
18 April
MWA Software's Firebird Pascal Interface
MWA Software is pleased to announce the release of its Firebird Pascal API package (fbintf). This package has been derived from IBX for Lazarus and is part of the IBX2 development. Full story.
17 April
Australian Delphi User Group - Melbourne Meeting
How Lazarus could be used with SQLite, Firebird, ODBC and MySQL in a very similar way to Delphi. The program could be built for a variety of platforms, even including Raspberry Pi. Full story.
30 March
6 best software to view or read XML files
The software XML Tree Editor, which is written with Lazarus / Free Pascal, is among the recommended applications in this article that Radu Tyrsina wrote for windowsreport.
Full story
为什么Free Pascal比PHP更好?
A nonsensical ramble on type systems by Jakub Tapuć.
Full story
17 February
Australian Delphi User Group - Melbourne Meeting
If you’re interested in a cross-platform alternative to Delphi, or you are concerned about Embarcadero’s redefinition of perpetual, you should take a look at Free Pascal. Full story


9 October
Create a web scraper with Free Pascal & Lazarus
by Marcus Fernström
Full story.

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