Issues 2.4.2

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Issues with 2.4.2 release candidates

This page is supposed to contain all issues discovered while testing release candidates and their status. Make sure to include information about the platform where the problem appears (if applicable). Once the issue gets resolved, you should strike it over and add number of SVN revision fixing it. If the revision number refers to a SVN repository different from "fpc" (i.e. "fpcbuild" or "fpcdocs"), include information about the SVN repository too.


  1. cpu-os: IE209101221 while compiling XYZ.pas - r123456
  2. docs: missing description of XYZ
  3. readme.txt: wrong version number - r654321 (fpcbuild)

Issues with 2.4.2-rc1

  • merged r 15101 causes a regression compared to 2.4.0 (mantis #17283) -- fixed in r15936
  • merged r14184 causes a regression compared to 2.4.0 (mantis #17383) -- reverted in r16036
  • whatsnew.txt does not mention the updated univint units -- r791 (fpcbuild)
  • The merge of 13996 breaks loading libfbclient in case the isc_reset_fpe function is not available, possibly because that function is not marked as "weak" in the new table. If that is the problem, then I (Jonas) propose to revert this merge, and any other merge that changes the dynamic loading of libraries from the old system to the new one (because there may be many more symbols that cause such problems).

Marco's list:

  • mantis #16887 (r15537 by Jonas), paszlib fix .gz header misparse. Reason of merge: Such bugs can cause a lot of confusion, and clear case.
  • mantis #15666 (r15707 by Jonas) Change armpe to arm_wince_pe (not arm-wince-pe!!) to follow binutils. Reason: simplify support and durability of release.
  • mantis #16961(r15611 by Jonas) use the framework version of OpenAL for Mac OS X (based on patch by Dmitry Boyarintsev. Reason: don't know. I assume sb asked me to put this on my list. (Dmitry?)
  • Mantis #--------- (r15785 by ACM/me) Critical 64-bit FreeBSD fix. Reason: while 64-bit FreeBSD isn't released, we might do some test release builds and ACM may attempt to create a port based on 2.4.2 src.
  • mantis #16121(r14176,r14243) fix regression in generics caused by merging of r14245 in r15050.
  • Mantis #--------- (r15953 ) bugfix: compiler: compare enumerator operator "current" return type with the loop variable while searching for enumerator (requested by Paul)
  • mantis #17449(r16032) Minor Windows header fix in shfolder. Reason: function declared in multiple units, one broken, one not, potential for confusion. Low risk.
  • Mantis #--------- (r15671) Fix for fpdoc in 2.4.x branch to enable building docs. (Requested by Joost)