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Darwin releases of 3.0.0

The releases for iOS and the iphonesim targets will be done from the branches/fixes_3_0_ios branch. The reason is that the AArch64 port was deemed too invasive for merging in the fixes branch at the time it was finished. These compilers with have the 3.0.1 version number.

The installation package with the iOS and iphonesim cross-compilers will contain new fpc, fpcres and fpcmake binaries from the branches/fixes_3_0_ios branch that will overwrite the copies from the Intel 3.0.0 release, in order to add Aarch64 and iphonesim/x86_64 support. Normally, cross-compiler packages do not overwrite these utilities. They will also create ppc386-3.0.1 and ppcx64-3.0.1 symlinks in /usr/local/bin, which can be used via "fpc -V3.0.1" to target the iphonesim targets (the 3.0.1 units are not compatible with the 3.0.0 compilers).

Issues with 3.0.0 release candidates

This page is supposed to contain all issues discovered while testing release candidates and their status. Make sure to include information about the platform where the problem appears (if applicable). Once the issue gets resolved, you should strike it over and add number of SVN revision fixing it. If the revision number refers to a SVN repository different from "fpc" (i.e. "fpcbuild" or "fpcdocs"), include information about the SVN repository too.

  1. Last change at 32-bit SEH enabling.

Issues with 3.0.0-rc1

  1. Several FreeBSD versions won't have GDB support in the IDE. This item will be updated later with exact targets.
  2. Several installers install .fpm files with references to absolute paths in it.
  3. (Marco) Ladislav asked to merge r31306 (fix to reporting of mysql error messages. )
  4. make sourcezip (used for GO32v2 and OS/2) is broken for fpmake managed sources:
    • fpmake fails complaining about a missing manifest file
    • fpmake generated source archives contain only source files directly used on the host platform used for their generation; source files used for building the same package for other targets are missing
  5. text mode installer running under OS/2 doesn't like more than 33 files on one tab (workaround = moving packages from tab "OS/2" to "OS/2-2"); GO32v2 shall be checked as well!

Merge requests

  1. Florian and Sergei still have to check their RTL commits for possible merges. Several exception handling and lowlevel RTL (startup code etc) fixes I don't know what to do with. ( see Marco's unmerged "rest" page)

Post RC1 merges