Lazarus release plan

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Release preparation

  • Gather list of todos from developers
  • Add new LazTarget to the mantis for so we can postpone issue one release.

Bugs to be fixed

  • Go over the list of new issues and determine if there are regressions among them

Things that need to be fixed before tagging:

Ask for testing

  • Informally announce (IRC, mailing list) a pending release (+/- week before actual release), so that people can test for regressions. (Vincent)

Merge revisions from trunk

Submitted by developer / committer

The following revisions contain bug fixes and need to be merged from trunk to the fixes_0_9_30 branch.

  • 31291

Postponed merge requests

User requested merges

Tagging release

  • Set version to in fixes_0_9_30 branch (Vincent)
    • lazarus/ide/
    • lazarus/lcl/lclversion.pas
    • lazarus/debian/changelog
    • lazarus/
    • open lazarus/lazarus.lpi in the IDE and change the version numbers in the project options dialog
  • Tag fixes_0_9_30 branch to tags/release_0_9_30 (Vincent)
  • Set version to in fixes_0_9_30 branch (Vincent)

Building release

  • source (Vincent)
  • html docs (Vincent)
  • chm docs (Vincent)
  • win32 (Vincent)
  • win32 for arm-wince (Vincent)
  • win64 (Vincent)
  • linux source rpm (Vincent)
  • linux i386 rpm (Vincent)
    • crosswin32 rpm (Mattias)
  • linux x86_64 rpm (Vincent)
  • linux i386 deb (Vincent)
    • crosswin32 deb (Mattias)
  • linux x86_64 deb (Vincent)
  • Mac OS X powerpc (Vincent)
  • Mac OS X i386 (Vincent)
  • Add debs to ubuntu repo (Vincent)


  • Wiki: downloading, installation, getting source hints (Mattias)
  • List of changes: Lazarus 0.9.30 release notes (Mattias)
  • Mailing lists (Mattias)
  • News item on (Vincent)
  • Sourceforge (Vincent)
  • Freshmeat (Vincent)
  • Change IRC topic (Marc)
  • New versions in Mantis (Vincent)

After release

  • Make sure snapshots are created correctly for the new version (Vincent)


  • Relax (all)
  • Plan next release