Lazarus 2.4.0 release notes

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Lazarus 2.4.0 is not yet released. This page is under construction!


  1. commits: xxx
  2. log: svn log -r xxxx:xxxx
  3. resolved bug tracker issues: xxx

LazUtils Changes

Masks unit

The masks unit has been completely rewritten.

  • speed: the old Matches() method had O(n^2) or even O(n^3) characteristics.
  • improved control over how the mask is interpreted.

New types (for parameters) and a dedicated TMaskWindows class have been added.
TMask.MatchesWindowsMask and the old TMaskOptions type have been deprecated an will be removed in the next release.

LCL Interfaces Changes

LCL Changes


  • Old behaviour Win32: A placeholder icon was used for FooterIcon = tdiNone and MainIcon = tdiNone.
  • New behaviour Win32: No icon is used for FooterIcon = tdiNone and MainIcon = tdiNone.
  • Reason: Removing drawing glitch. The text move over to allow more content and better alignment. See Issue #39172

IDE Changes

Character map

  • Resizable characters to improve readability.

IDE Interface Changes



  • The TLegendClickTools now is able to detect clicks on series legend items and reports the clicked series in the new OnSeriesClick event.
  • New property TickWidth for the chart axes.

Changes affecting compatibility


Masks unit

Ranges and Sets
  • The old masks implementation supported sets, but not ranges. The new implementation supports both sets ([abc]) and ranges ([a-c]). As a consequence a '-' inside such a construct is now interpreted as part of the range definition, not as a literal '-'.
  • Reason: ranges are a good thing to have by default (the old implementation simply lacked this). We decided it's a small price to pay.
  • Remedy: either escape the '-' with EscapeChar (which defaults to '\') or exclude mocRange from the TMaskOpcodes parameter.
Constructors do not fail anymore on an invalid mask
  • When providing an invalid mask to the old T(Windows)Mask(List) constructors an exception was raised.
  • The new constructors do not raise an exception in this case. Instead an exception is raised in when Matches() is called.
  • Reason: it's not very nice to have a constructor fail.

Components incompatibility


  • The property NumbersOnly is no longer published.
  • Reason: the property makes no sense for this control and only confuses users.
  • Remedy: if you really need NumbersOnly to be True, you must set it in code.

Other release notes